Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Reader Requested Oddities

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Todays Oddities post marks the first Reader Requested Oddity. I hope to make this a weekly feature, so send me your ideas at my gmail address. (ok...duh...look at who wrote this, then add


This first request comes from Orcim. He asked me to write a post about how I write my posts. (I never said it was the post that had to be odd.......)

Anyway, allow me to take you for a short tour inside the mind of a seriously disturbed individual.

Advertisement that last line. One of my cat's stole my keyboard while I wasn't looking and thought he'd be funny. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it....

Anyway, I start the process by deciding what my subject will be. Most of my subjects come from the deep dark recesses of my memory. I'll stare blankly at a wall until inspiration strikes. On the rare occasion that the wall starts staring back, I will let my fingers wander Google until I find something odd. But, so far at least, all but one of the subjects have come from memory.


The next step is to decide what I want to write about the subject. This is the tricky part. I have to keep it interesting, but short enough that people will read it. And I have to throw a few quirks into the post to keep readers on their toes.

If you look at my past posts, some are funnier than others, and some are more disgusting than others. A couple are just creepy. This is part of the plan. It keeps the reader wondering what exactly they are going to get each day when they click on the post.


I try to keep the number of facts I include down, so as not to overload the reader. If the reader finds the subject to their liking, it's easy enough for them to learn more on their own.

I do search out the facts I include, but that's primarily to verify them. If I were to rely only on my memory, um...I forgot what I was going to write....


Finally, I search out a picture, and write the opening joke to go with it. I like to have the picture relate to the subject, but maybe not give it away entirely. (keep 'em guessing)

Anyway, this concludes todays edition of Reader Requested Oddities. If you didn't enjoy it, blame Orcim.

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