Once again I want to talk about the mobile version of Kinja.

I think it's pretty damn good, I don't think enough websites do this, it's not half annoying when you're browsing on a desktop and come across a link beginning in 'm.' for mobile...somebody hasn't bothered to remove the 'm.'. If you click a normal link with a mobile version of the site from a mobile, it almost always adds 'm.' onto the front of it, but a desktop doesn't automatically remove it.

Anyway, point is, making specific mobile versions of sites needs to die, and I applaud the Kinja technicians for using 'responsive web design'.

So I was about to complain about a problem I was having: the refresh button for the comments would be offset a bit, which made you scroll left to right, which is extremely annoying! Now that I've gone to check back on it, it seems like it was fixed today!


But now that I check my iPad it seems to still be a problem when looking at pages horizontally. Nevertheless, I think Kinja's doing pretty well when on a mobile.