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Amazeballs! I've been trying a couple free programs I found on the internet to load/store games in ram on boot, and I thought I would share it with you all.

The first program is by a company called SoftPerfect, and the program is called RAM Disk.

What this program does is section off a portion of your available ram and creates a drive. It then can backup this drive in regular intervals. Everything stored on this drive benefits from the insane speed RAM offers you. Plus, if you have an SSD, you save on the read/write cycles thus prolonging the life of your drive.


At first I was having some pretty serious issues, until I enabled the storage backup. Since then everything is going smoothly. The ram drive gets backed up on your hdd or ssd when you shut down, and loaded when you boot.

It should be noted that, using this program will slow your computer down on boot/shut down. But the added advantage is that you get to speed up your existing programs.

If you know how to create symbolic links with cmd (it's not hard at all) then this next program won't do much but help keep things organized.

The second program is made by a company called Moba Software called SymMover.

This program allows you to move files/programs around to different locations/drives without having to worry about breaking links. For me, this allowed me to move my Diablo 3 data folder off of my hdd and onto my ssd (or newly created ram drive) and not have to worry about reinstalling, or carrying along extra files that would needlessly fill up my smaller/faster drives.


In my tests, the performance was comparable to having a raid ssd setup. The only load time for d3 that I ran into was getting into game (and I believe that was due to the server lag/downloading data) once in game, I could switch between locations instantaneously (well close to it... levels were loading in a fraction of a second).

In another test, I loaded HL2 onto the ram drive. But I ran into issues, the HL2 install is only 4.2 or so gigs, but, the source engine it runs off of requires loading more onto the drive to eliminate load times.


I'm pretty excited to get this working with my sons new computer and letting him have near instant loading screens in wow (32gigs of ram).

If anyone has hackerspace permission, feel free to cross post this.

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