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Questions about replacing my slightly broken and under warranty iPhone

(Update, in case anyone reads this post)

I went to the Apple store today, the Genius told me he had to replace my phone with one of the same color. Bummer. But other than that, getting my phone replaced went really smoothly, thanks iCloud!


So yesterday, my power button started getting all finicky. A couple google searches revealed that it is a common issue, and covered under warranty. So I am %99 percent sure I can go to the Apple store and have my black iPhone 5 replaced with a brand new black iPhone 5. That would be nice, no scratches and working buttons!

But Im wondering if I might be able to work the system a bit when I get the replacement phone...

Does anyone know if they will replace it with a white iPhone if I ask nicely? Or, what I'm really hoping for... if I wait to take the phone in until the new phones (5s, 5c) are in stock, is there any chance of getting them to replace my under warranty iPhone 5 with a new model?

Anyone who has gotten an iPhone replaced under warranty, please share your experience.


(Oh and slightly relevant note, a while ago I brought my MBP in to have the hard drive looked at. The drive was dead, and under warranty; they replaced it with a larger drive for free because thats all they had in stock.)

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