In the style of Dwight Schrute, I'm going to ask a question that is most accurately answered, "Whichever you like best, Dan." But don't answer it that way. That will help me not at all.

So: best bachelor party gift ever: the whiskey barrel my brother gave me. He knows I favor the drink, so this was pretty spot on. It lets you take a whiskey and age it up to three more years. I assume it also instils an oaky flavor into it (secret: it's made of oak).

My original thought was of course, "WELL. I'm going to be aging this 3 additional years. I'm not going to get just ANY old whiskey and drop it in there!" But then the thought occurred to me. There are master whiskey distillers who have dedicated their life to making the good stuff come out exactly that way every single time. Might aging it a bit and adding some oak ruin it?

On the other hand of the spectrum: do I just pick up some Jack Daniels and call it a day, hoping that aging it helps? Or will a crappy whiskey just taste like an older crappy whiskey?

So my current thought is this: but a half decent whiskey. Maybe a 12 year and age it up 15. Make sure it has some oaky qualities already, so worst case, it gets accentuated a bit over the rest of the flavor. If it's mid-range, I won't feel too bad about ruining it, but I won't be left wondering at the end of 3 years, "what if I had used a better kind?" That I can handle, but I'm still not sure what I want to dedicate to this.


So, #whitenoise I pose this to you: if this were you (and it very well could be. I'm given to understand these barrels are not over-pricey) what would you go with? What IS the best whiskey?