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PSA: Roku Streaming Stick On Sale For $39.99 (US only) Until Dec. 20

If you were pondering getting either a Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon's Fire TV Stick and the price was one of your deciding factors, it's just been removed (for US customers, sorry everyone else).

On its own site, the Roku Streaming Stick is listed for $39.99, with a note that this offer ends on 12/20/14, while supplies last.


And if you go to Amazon, it's a full 2 cents less, and available for free 2 day shipping for Prime members, so you can get one just in time for Christmas if you order before the deal ends.

It has most of the same apps as the currently same-priced Fire TV stick, including Amazon Prime Video Streaming, plus the Roku is the only device that isn't a Chromecast that gives you access to your Google Play Movies & TV account. And since the Fire TV Stick is out of stock and not available for shipping until Jan 6, if you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift, the Roku Streaming Stick is the way to go.

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