So after having hemmed and hawed for awhile, I finally did it and pre-ordered a PS4. I had a butt ton of old gift cards, and a couple of older ipads to trade in and whatnot, so I basically ordered the system and a spare controller without having to lay anything out. I am happy with the purchase and look forward to giving it to the kid around the holidays.... what?

I'm obviously not going to be buying a bunch of PS3 games (don't have many at the current time either) since the new system will probably replace it in my setup. It's not like my 360 where I have a ton of games that I still actively play, so I don't mind pushing it out the door and sending it to my ex wife's house or something. So here's the situation:

Only a couple of games for PS4 so far announced, and I've preordered and paid for the ones I want already. I now have around $550 in gift cards/trade ins still sitting in my wallet. Do I hang onto them or do I do what people do when they have money or gift cards burning a hole in their I:

I spent awhile talking to the dude at gamestop when I did the preorder today: he said that they've probably taken 4 preorders of PS4 for everyone one they've taken of the XBO. They've gotten POUNDED with just AWFUL press, and despite sortof recanting what their original statement about used games and whatnot, I think everyone is waiting for the "software update" that will frag what they've recanted to...

So what do you think? My son loves the Halo franchise. He plays it on live with a lot of his friends. I suspect many of them will go to XBO strictly FOR the Halo franchise. Is it worth biting the bullet and ordering the thing? Or would it be wiser to wait for release to come and go and see what actually shakes out? My 360 isn't going anywhere: it's an integral part of what I like to friends and I STILL enjoy getting a few beers in and playing rock's a new system and I'm honestly pretty used to running out and having the new systems when they come out (yes, I'm a geek, yes I recognize this fact, yes I often buy them early for the comraderie of waiting on line with other geeks and talking about how geeky we all are)...but I'm really not sure what to do on this one!