I was out tonight, and will be out tomorrow partying at a local softball tourney. The winner gets $50.

Screw that!

We want the beer trophy!

We won it last year, and we want to win it again. When I left tonight, I checked the score. We had 129, and the closest team had 33. Yes friends, we have an almost 100 bee lead on the closest team.

Considering there was a team formed this year with the specific purpose of beating us for the bee trophy, I have to say, they ain't gonna do it.

But, now that I'm home for the night, I need food. So, I am having a Totinos Party Pizza.

As far as frozen pizzas go, they are far from the best. But, they are cheap. 5 for $8. And, the are almost exactly like the pizzas we used to get for lunch in elementary school.


So, I like them when I've been drinking.

What food reminds you of your childhood?

In our area, we also have a vendor called Deli Express, and they have a burger called a Char Broil Deluxe, which is just a double cheese burger, but, it tastes just like the ones I used to get at school when I was a kid.


Tell me about the foods that remind you of childhood in the comments.

Or else!