I need an insect field guide.

The sun is about to ruin my shade. I can feel it raising the temperature of my boot. Now my knee.

I went out only once this week due to business, laziness, and the wretched heat, but I felt better afterwards. The flower park was a happening place, there was a wedding group plus everyone else who were being led around by their phones. I wonder if the animals like it better this way.

Post ‘em if ya got ‘m, evidence of the week past, or just have a look around while we wait for summer to stop summering.

What do you mean out of focus?


A cooperative flutterbye!
Should have turned up my shutter speed for this quick little creature.


At this park they have several large patches of dill. They’re big and pretty and smelly and this time their blooms were covered with a variety of wasps.


And this ladybug showing off it’s nice hind.


Pda at dusk.

I can’t believe I went a whole post without clouds!