Broken carbide blade. These things are as wear resistant as they are brittle.

Hullo from a cavern of humming and hissing and buzzing. The heat has let up but work has not. I feel a work rut has been formed and I should make some kind of vacation happen, but, work rut. Soon I must generate some, more, momentum.

This one was in the bug book, the Vagrant Grasshopper. A fine symbol for the end of summer, a one-legged vagrant grasshopper. This one was big too, maybe close to 3 inches.

These okra plants will be offering their pods for a little while yet. My mind changed about this food the year I grew them. They were lovely plants, the ones I had were very upright and symmetrical compared to these freestylers, but I’d never enjoyed eating them. But right off the plant, sliced, breaded and fried, they were quite pleasant. It’s hard to see but there’s a ladybug on the left of the plant and a bunch of ants in the buds on the right.


No offense soft-shell, but there’s this guy running for president that shares some of your features... No, sorry, don’t go... Wait, what, shade of lipstick is that?


Damselflies fold their wings back, apparently, dragonflies hold theirs out, but that doesn’t matter much when it’s having you for lunch.


I’d rather bury my face in something like this.


What can be better than a sunrise? Upside down sunrise!?

iPhone Pano

I hope your week’s been pleasant, enough. What’s in bloom? Eat any good bugs lately? What skies ‘ave ye? Show and tell below.