Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Photo Galleryette

Good evening friends, it’s been a busy week. And now it’s the last of vacation preparations, which include some wrenching on the car. It’s supposed to be 90 bloody degrees here tomorrow. But we go to pine trees and cold waters!

I got some tennis time in with the lad at the park.


I did get one slowish work day yesterday and scouted out the tracks.

The bud that reminds the teacher of homework.

The shop progresses.


In part, for sure because they have a Square Shooter Turbo?!

Mmmm, let’s go this way!

Let’s be done with the wretched snow. Maybe not 90 yet either. How’s it looking out there by you? Looking up? Eyes to the ground? Show or tell if y’like a bit of your leaves.

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