Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

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My wall suggestion to old what’s-his-name.


Took some snaps of these buildings while riding in the back seat with the lad. Sometimes opportunity knocks, other times...

And then whatever’s going on there.


Thought this was a funny sticker stuck on my leftover box. Of course,my pesto, artichoke hearts, green olives and mushroom pizza was never in any real danger.

Insulation contractor’s, did a double take glancing at the name plate.
Weld spatter falling from the floor above into a powdered limestone filler mess.
Cutting head, blade replacement.
Knife blocks.
Caught trying to escape.

A hawk flew into the trees just as I was focusing in the magnified view screen. I think it’s one that I see around, another day it was hovering in one place for a while just above and behind that dumpster shed.


Sorry again about lateness, it’s kinda my thing, I did lose my keys for a minute, so, that’s part of an excuse.

Meantime, if there was something growing or glowing, blowing, meowling... and you want to share a picture of it, see below.

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