Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Photo Gallery

Hullo again, and welcome to another edition of the Photo Gallery. Sample a smattering of the week’s snaps; snoop, snicker or say something, if ye like.


This is just inside the zoo and is as far as we made it, or to see my friends’ horse and donkey guests. We ate out before going , and the lad had a bit too much syrup or something cause he got pretty touchy and the first thing to see, an aviary, (he is very much a lad of habit and routine) was closed. He was so mad and wanted to leave-a couple with a stroller walked by and he leaned into the stroller and called whoever was in there a loser. It’s kind of funny now, but it wasn’t then, so we left, and he didn’t want to see the donkey and horses either. He calmed down slowly over the course of the day. Cheetos make him go crazy too.

Some sand was spread out for containment, barely used, a week later, this.
Some shade and a hot vent saying hello, from work IR-camera.
3" square tubing cracked on 3 sides. I had to hunt down the ends of the cracks, and drill holes to stop the crack from spreading, then gouge and weld.
There! Did you see it move?
Exposed aggregate wall has some interesting things in it, if you can get away at with looking at a wall for a while. The white in the brown and white rock was all crystal-y.
The purple hippo face was also crystalline in nature.

What hath transpired with ye’s? (And sorry for the lateness...) Tell of tail tales, or what went well or ill, leave a record of the light that’s left.

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