Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

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The underside of an asphalt tank lid, or a cityscape.

Well here we are, in the midst of January. In the U.S. we’re about to begin an unpresidented precidency, and for many, joy is in short supply. I saw the new star wars last night, and today got some new shoes for the lad. He wanted red and white ones; we came home with some low top all-stars. Also this week, the living room branch went up. Not many things on it yet but it’s there.

Things were stuck upon it. I thought it was gonna be more fairies and butterflies, but I’m not the decorator.
One butterfly.
Dishes of things.

At my industrial maintenance job it’s the beginning of a two week shut down where we do some yearly, time-consuming tasks, and tie in some new construction. So here’s some odd bits.

A dude welding
tank buildup
A small chip that fell from a bearing that had to be cut from it’s shaft.

If ye’ve some imagery to share of the week’s path, post below. Maybe some sun, or some beautiful phases of water, perhaps scantily-clad trees? It is the winter of many things, and no time to lose one’s temper. (In a metallurgic sense.)

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