Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Photo Gallery

Grittings fellow Earthlings. Fresh horizons and all that. What’d you do last week that you took pictures of? (Technically, if you have pics of another week, we couldn’t prove it, and if you drew something and took a picture of that, acceptable.) I went for a walk in a swamp and took pictures of cats in a room being vacuumed.

i’m out!
Cattails fuzzing out. The winds made it a fuzz blizzard.
Watching the vacuum from the safety of a stick.

This leafy stump turned into some kind of lone, spikey, warrior-creature.

Can’t have anything creep up behind you while the vacuum is going.
Bella’s not so fazed by the vacuum.
Swamp is near a small airport.

Here’s another upside down scene. What’s needed now is the view from you. Have a good First Week!

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