Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

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‘Allo warm-blooded, perhaps cold-fingered, creatures. It finally got cold enough here to wilt the last remaining flowers and most of the grasses. Since my days off during the week contained zero ambition, all my pics this week are from work.

A 327' roll of conveyor belt, waiting.
There’s a ladybug under the brown flower. After noticing it, I saw quite a few others around. It was a cold morning.
The aforementioned bug of lady, with its aphid prey down-stem.
Last mullein standing. I gathered some of the fallen stems, notched and indented a board, and tried to make some fire. Managed a decent bit of smoke, but I’ll have to keep practicing, after a blister heals.
A shaker screen, face formed by the wear to a plastic nut.
Pump face. Out of diesel space heater.

What’s been happening under your skies? Any cats in Christmas trees yet? Gray or glowing, share if you like some slices of life.

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