Gooo-Deevning out there. It’s been a worky week here, with the cold coming in great Gasps of air. Have you some flashes in the night? Or day?

The above is a 500 amp fuse that was blown, along with the other two phases next to it, by contractors in some new construction at work. Later we sawed one open. They are full of sand and the the rectangular copper parts are repeated on top of each other to the other end of the fuse.


Draining some (cooled) thermal oil from a jacketed pipe through a drilled hole. When the stuff is new it smells a bit like some olive oils. Over time it’s smell turns into something more like a Sharpie.

One train, car!


Somebody’s stuff.
In the corner of an empty front office.


All photes from phone, x’ept last one. The nice sunset there was ruined shortly thereafter by watching an old man finally lure what I assumed was his dog into his car, it was funny at first, the dogs’ reluctance, the man was pretending to be nice, but after getting the dog roughly into the car, it looked like he punched the dog several times as he drove off. I didn’t get his plates or call police, just sat sick and stunned like a useless bystander. Had a somewhat similar feeling later, reading drumpf was looking at the wretched governor of my state, Mary Fallin, for Interior Department.

And on that sunny note, I hope everyone is deriving sufficient comfort from where they can, like so many blankets or, good jackets. Or wool socks, or cats/dogs.