Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Photo Gallery

Well howdy photo people! It’s dark after work now, or even work after dark now. ‘Pologies for the hour, though I worked today, it was weird having had the previous three off and so I still feel like laying around. Family time about the nest means I didn’t go out anywhere, and so I have pictures of some little fragments stuffed into the lining of our stick home among the branches.

Artificial flowers next to a mirror underneath a heavily scarved, low-watt lamp.
Small bird criminals awaiting interrogation.
Feather from a zoo bald eagle.
Fast, bright, night clouds.
Long exposer and flash of a rangy corner in the back yard.

So how did you all fare this week? What snaps befell your lenses? (Not sure if that’s an appropriate word, but I’m going with it.) Have a share of the leaves and the clouds. Show us the animal ways surpassing human. Some of the tasty feasties. You haz pic-shur?

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