It’s that time of week! Come on in and share photos you took during the last week.

Used my last few vacation days and did a bit of driving around. As well as finish up some stuff around home, but that doesn’t matter.

I think this is the fourth time I’ve went to Cherry Spring State Park in an attempt to view and photograph the night sky. Every damned time it either rained or was overcast.

First night was a washout and I skedaddled to a motel in a not nearby town, because nothing is nearby that area.


This statue was pretty cool. If my town were to have a statue it would probably be of some famed squirrel trapper or something.

The second day was clear as anything.


It also happened to be Halloween, so I had to dress up at least a little.


The ride to the campground was wonderful. Some windy roads going through the mountains and a few farms along the way.

All set up.


Topless tree.

Some dinner and a fire before heading out to the viewing field.


The field used to be an airstrip and has a great view of the sky. Would the weather hold out for me this time?



Freaking gorgeous.

Dat Milky Way...


I’d only been somewhere dark enough to see the Milky Way with the naked eye once before. If it weren’t for my freezing toes(idiot!you forgot about your feet) I’d have stayed out there all night.

The next day was calling for more rain so I boogied on out early.


Sunrise was making some nice light on the way out.

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