Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Photo Gallery

I have no explanation for this table top furniture, except lad.

Hello again, has it been a week already? It seems I have left my card with pictures on it at home. I actually stopped and threw files on it this morning racing out the door, late for work. That haste may be to blame but I swear I tucked it into the camera bag pocket. Ah well, I didn’t have a whole lot anyway. It’s been a busy several weeks in Lake Wobegone and I didn’t go out last week at all. I’ll post the one cool lightning shot I got at work when I’m home later. Till then, here’s some stuff that typically inhabits my phone.

Innards of an ink-jet printer. I mean, a face!
T-Rex pancake attempt.
Tower crane on its way up for some new constructy-oan.

I’ll be about later. Thought i’d mention again that if anyone wants to host of week or so of the Whitenoise Photo Gallery, volunteers are accepted. I’ve been a bit busy and don’t see it letting up for awhile. Either way, please feel free to drop some snaps of whatever from the past week, so we may see how the other fraction lives.

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