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Photo Gallery

It’s that day of the week again! The day we post photos we took the week prior.

Post any SFW pictures you took during the week that you think are worth posting, they don’t have to be a work of art and they don’t have to be taken on a proper camera. They can be any pics you took which you think are worth uploading! They could be a meal, new shoes, or a very nice picture, whatever it is! Post it!


Try to post between 1 to 10 pics and include a rough location and gear if you want.

I’m still borrowing my friend’s camera, a Canon T5i, (he says I don’t have to give it back yet, so...) and using the EF-S 18-55mm lens in the City of Oklerhoma. And I’ve posted pictures of this plant before, the common mullein, but I’m still being charmed by it. One of it’s colloquial names, I read, is Cowboy Toiletpaper.

The mullein also has several chemicals that help with cough-related ailments.

Just shake off the spiders, and the fine woolly fuzz and fresh cold dew will wipe away the guilt of your trail butt.

In the background fence-vine is a nest recently used by some mockingbirds.

Forget the strike-on-your-self matches cowboy? The mullein is here for all your pyro-maniacal needs. After considerable time and frustration the dried stalks and leaf fuzz will serve as fire drill and tinder. And since there’s an animal carcass somewhere nearby, soak an old stem and root knob in fat for a delicious torch.


Here’s one you might have seen around, the ground cherry. It’s genus name is Physalis, it is a member of the nightshade family, but I’m not sure which of the 75-90 species it is. When ripe I expect to see an orange berry inside, we’ll see how close it gets to my mouth.

The tail of an extraterrestrial cat.
Long exposure on a windy night.

Be the thistle stem.

Just a reminder: If anybody wants to do a Photo Gallery some weekend, jus’ lemme know!

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