Hey gentlepeople, for many it’s a week of unfolding horrors and preparing for increasingly visible insanity.

I haven’t much therapeutic beauty this week, I trust others have. At work I walked by this shining thing in early light.

I thought I was going to get a three day weekend this week, but a sudden schedule change said otherwise. Blast. There’s some construck-sheon going on at the plant.


Soon to be material bins.


Soon to be steps.

Work is in the process of increasing it’s production capacity, and there will be years of new things, including a new maintenance shop we’ll be in by spring.

Here is last night’s moon, tonight’s supermoon should be coming up soon.


Well, folks, what have we taken pictures of this week? From contruction to comfort, beauty to bullshit, feel free to share below. (All photes ‘cept moon are iPhone 6s, moon Canon t5i.)