If Justice is blind, how did she see me steal that Snickers?

The legal system in every country is different. That makes sense. Each country gets to make it's own laws. This has been true ever since man has gathered together into cities. Whoever was in charge made the rules, and then people had to follow.

Virtually every civilization has had a court system. And, when called to give testimony, you would customarily swear to tell the truth. Only then could you testify.

Testimony. Testify. It makes sense that those two words are close to each other, since they are referring to the same thing.


But, they are Latin words. And, like many latin words, their root is not what you'd expect. The root for both of those words is: Testes. Yes, it means the same now as it did back then.

Back in Rome, when you were called before the courts, men would place their right hand on their testicles and swear to tell the truth. (you really didn't want to be caught perjuring yourself....) Women and eunuchs were not allowed to testify in court, as they had nothing to swear on.


So, does that mean a man who only had one testicle could only tell half truths?