That's a big wiener!

Here in America, we have our share of strange holidays.

Groundhogs day, Arbor Day, Beer Can Appreciation Day, Lumpy Rug Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day, National Cream Filled Donut Day.....

I could go on and on, but frankly, just think of whatever you can, and there's a day for it.

But, our American celebrations are nothing compared to some of the celebrations on other countries.

In some countries, ancient fertility celebrations are still held to improve the harvest and ensure a healthy crop of new babies for the year.


One of them in Japan, has got to take the cake, though.

Honen Matsuri.

In the small town of Komaki, just outside Nagoya, on March 15th of every year, they celebrate Honen Matsuri. It is a fairly typical fertility festival. And by fairly typical, I mean a little bit odd.


The festival features Shinto priests playing music, massive consumption of Sake, parades, and a giant, 620 pound, 8 foot long, freshly carved out of cedar, penis.

But, the giant penis isn't the only one featured. Oh no. Not by a long shot.

See, the parade features women and men who carry 20 inch penises. But not just any women and men. The female penis carriers are all 36 years old. And all the male penis carriers are all 42. Those ages are considered to be unlucky in Japanese society, so the carry the penises to gain the favor of the spirits.


And, if you decide to go see the festival for yourself, you can pick up a variety of souvenirs. Things like hand carved penises, burned wood etchings of penises, paintings of penises, and a tea pot with it's spout in the shape of a penis. I'm sorry, but if you pour me tea out of a penis, I ain't drinking it.

And, so the kids don't feel left out, there are plenty of vendors selling candy in the shape of a penis. I hear the penis lollypops are popular. (I can not make this crap up) But, some people feel it may be inappropriate for boys to suck on penis-shaped lollypops, so, they also sell vagina shaped lollys.

I don't even want to know what flavor they are.

So, next time you think the days celebration is a little out there, just remember Honen Matsuri. And all hail the giant, cedar penis!


**note** all the days I mentioned in the beginning of the post are 100% real. Some others are: Marooned Without A Compass Day, Have A Party With Your Bear Day, Name Your Poison Day, Waffle Iron Day, Sorry Charlie Day.....I could fill an entire post with all the strage days people celebrate.