Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Do you know what bugs me?

Guess all you want. I'm not answering that question. I'm not giving you guys ammunition to bug me.


Bugs. Not the bunny, but bugs. Don't you just hate them? The way they ruin your time outside? The way they bite you? The way they infest your home? Your dog? Your bed?

Some bugs are ok. Lady Bugs, not to be confused with the Asian Beetles that only look like Lady Bugs. Lady Bugs are good. But mosquitos? Deer Flies? Earwigs? *shudder*

It's a good thing we dominate bugs, right? Right? Guys? Right?

Ok, I see enough of you have read enough of these posts, so you aren't going to fall for that obviously false statement. I guess I've become a little predictable. That's ok, though. Because, none of you probably realize just how false that statement was.


If you count the bugs on Earth, and count all the humans, bugs outnumber us. That's not too surprising, is it? I mean, there are a lot of bugs out there, right? Well, how about bugs outnumber humans by 200,000,000 to 1.

Wha wha wha? Yeah, sorry to say, but you're sorely outnumbered. Also, you aren't even close to being in the same weight class as bugs. For every 1 acre of land, there are 400 pounds of bugs. Compare that to only 14 pounds of human flesh. You'd be crushed and smothered, literally. But don't worry! It takes 400,000,000 bugs to make up that 400 pounds. (ok, worry a little)


Sounds kind of depressing, right? Well, consider this: if you weigh every vertebrate, that is, every living thing that has a spine, (birds, reptiles, animals, fish, humans), that lives in the Amazon, the total weight of just the ants will be four times that amount. Just the ants. That's a lot of ants.

Now, admit can feel a bug creeping up your back right now.

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