Wait, shave and a haircut is how much?

Every morning, most men get up, scratch, make a few odd noises, and then start their daily routine. And, for most men, part of that routine includes shaving.

What a pain, right men? And, sure....let's include the ladies in this, shall we? After all, they shave as well.

Now, men have been shaving for at least 40,000 years. Razors made of flint have been found in various locations throughout the world. There were several reasons for male shaving, but keeping cool was the primary one.


Actually, it's speculated some women shaved that long ago as well, for the same reason.

By 5,000 years ago, shaving had evolved to the point where copper was being used for razors. Men in Egypt were known to shave their entire bodies. Yep, King Tut kept his lil Pharaoh bald. Most well bred Egyptians, in fact, practiced full body hair removal. (hah! I bet you thought female pubic shaving was an invention of the porn industry)


The reasons were to keep cool and stay in style. But primarily for hygiene. Keeping lice out of hair was hard. Keeping lice off smooth skin, not so hard.

The practice of head hair removal wasn't practiced as much in more Northern climates. This was for warmth. But, for example, Viking women shaved their hoo-ha's. For hygiene, and because male vikings kinda liked it.


In fact, if you look at the ancient history of the Middle East and North Africa, the men at least, of the early civilizations shaved. Entirely. Invaders from northern, cooler mountainous regions did not. There invaders were called barbarians. And, would you believe barbarian means un-barbered?

As the Dark Ages gave way to the Middle Ages and then the Renaissance and finally more modern times, the practice of female shaving fell out of fashion for the masses. Some women still shaved their pubic areas, but over time it changed from being a rich woman thing to being a prostitute thing. (look! no crabs!)


As modern society progressed and as it became less taboo for women to wear short skirts and sleeveless shirts, shaving has crept back into fashion.

The whole pubic shaving thing, though....I don't get it. I mean, I'm not taking a razor anywhere near Mr. McHappy. (what? You don't name yours? Liar.)


(edited so Kink Tut became King Tut)