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Otters Oddities

Howdy all you happy people! Guess what? It’s Wednesday! And this is an oddities post! Now, I realize you normally get your oddities on Tuesdays, but this is a special occasion. Instead of Tuesday, you get my Not-Even-Close-To-Being-A-Regular-Feature-Anymore on Wednesday instead.

No.....wait. Changed my mind. I was going to do a regular oddities post, and I chose the picture of the puppy/kitten to lessen the shock of the subject of this post. But I can’t. I just can’t.


Many of the subjects I have featured in my oddities posts have been, how shall we say, disgusting. Like, “why would you post this while I’m eating breakfast” disgusting.

And it never bothered me. I have no qualms about grossing people out at any time of the day. But that’s not what my oddities were about. Otters Oddities are about teaching people about something they didn’t know. I am a firm believer that nothing you know is useless. All knowledge is power. And even if all you know are seemingly useless factoids, someone, somewhere, will find them interesting. Plus, continuing to learn only increases your wisdom. You never know when you’re going to have to pull out the fact that bees have hair growing out their eyes!*

Any-hoo......I found a perfect oddities subject, and I didn’t want to wait to share it with all of you. But then I paused and actually thought about it. And I decided, no. I can’t do this to all of you. After all, I consider you all to be my friends, so I will not go into any detail about the subject.

I will, however, let you know what the subject is. And if you Google the subject, it’s on you, not me. I will not be responsible for any damages caused by you barfing all over the place.


The subject is loa loa. That’s a link to it’s wiki page, and there’s a benign picture of one. (meaning it shouldn’t make you oogly-in-the-belly). I will tell you that it’s also known as “eye worm”. The picture on the wiki page only shows the worm, not the worm in the eye, so it isn’t bad. But if you do Google it, I strongly caution you against clicking the ‘Images’ tab. Because you will see pictures of an eye worm. As in, a worm, in someones eye.

But that’s all I’ll say. Like I stated earlier in this post, I can’t subject you, my loyal readers, to a subject like eye worms.


Well....At least I didn’t force you to see the picture....

* A reference to the first oddities post ever.

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