Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Otters Oddities’re telling me that if I take a tortilla and put meat and lettuce and salsa in it and then roll it up it’s a burrito, but if I just pick it up by two edges it’s a taco? What kind of magical hoo-doo is this?

Ok, the joke is Bush didn’t come across as the smartest person in the world. In reality he’s not actually a dumb person. He has a certain level of intelligence. But you wouldn’t know that from his 8 years in office.


But I’m not here to vilify Bush. I just needed a picture of someone looking confused and well.....

An explanation about today’s oddity: I have been extremely busy these last few days and with my fiasco yesterday, (see roll call for a brief explanation), I haven’t really had time to do any research. So instead, I’m going to throw everything you know about science on it’s ear and blow your mind.

Einstein said that nothing can excede the speed of light. Well, Mr. Smartypants was wrong. Because something you see every day does just that.

First, let me ask you, what is darkness?

Most will say it’s the absence of light. But, take away light and there’s still something there, right? So darkness must exist. It has to be something, not just the absence of something else.


Now, hold your hand up in front of a wall. You see what’s known as a shadow, right? Wave your hand and the shadow, (darkness), moves in time with your hand.

But, how do you create that shadow? You block the light and allow the darkness in. And as you move, the light and the dark both move at the same speed. And here’s something else; it does not matter how far away the object creating the shadow is from the object the shadow is being cast upon.


Use a very high intensity light and shine it on the moon. Place your hand in the beam and you see your shadow on the moon. And as you move your hand, the darkness you created on the move follows your movements perfectly.

That means that darkness moves at least as fast as light. And remember, Einstein, and every physicist has reaffirmed since then, nothing can go as fast as light. The special theory of relativity states that as something approaches the speed of light, it slows down. The theories hold that if you surpassed the speed of light, you would be traveling in time.


Suck on that science!

*Authors Note*

Boy, I really wish I could take credit for this theory, but I can’t. This was the result of an April Fools article from the website And, I stole it. Because I had no time to come up with anything original because dealing with the department of education is an exercise in hell.

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