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Why is that bobby spraying that corpse in the face with his mace? #deadlivesmatter

Yes. Yes I did go there. I made a joke. Was it funny? Don’t ask me...I tell the lamest jokes you’ve ever heard....


For example, What kind of shoes does a pedophile wear? A pair of white Vans! Or....What does a hooker and the Bermuda Triangle have in common? They both have swallowed a lot of seamen.

Ok...I’ll stop. I know they’re bad jokes. In fact, I told you they were bad jokes. It’s not my fault if you didn’t believe me. I mean, if I have a badger in a cage, and I have a sign on the cage that says clearly, “If you stick a finger in the cage, the badger will bite it off”, and then you stick your finger in the cage and it get’s bitten off, whose fault is it? Mine, the badgers or yours?

You can’t blame the badger. It’s a vicious wild animal in a cage, and you’re poking at it with your finger.

You can’t blame me. I flat out told you what would happen if you stuck your finger in the cage. It’s not my fault you don’t listen.


That means it’s your fault. If you know what’s going to happen if you do something, and you do it anyway, it’s no ones fault but yours when it happens.

But I believe I’ve ranted about personal responsibility before. People don’t have enough of it....blah blah blah....


Anyway, on to todays main post. It is, after all, time for an oddity, right? Well, today is your lucky day. Because not only is it oddity day, it’s also Taco Tuesday! No.....that doesn’t sound right....Twofer Tuesday? Yeah! That’s it!

It’s Twofer Tuesday! That means you get not one, but TWO oddities today!


First, I have for you just a quick oddity. In fact, it’s so odd that if I didn’t explain it, you wouldn’t understand why it’s so odd. And I don’t mean I have to explain it like I normally do. Most of the oddness in my oddities is fairly easy to understand. This time, not so much.


Who remembers the Archduke Franz Ferdinand? He was the man who was the heir to the throne of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. In June 1914 Franz and his wife Sophie, were assassinated. As we all know, (at least you should know), this was the final trigger that started World War One.

But what you probably don’t know is, the car Franz and Sophie were riding in was registered, like all cars were required to be, and had the license plate number of A III 118.


Odd, huh?

Ok...allow me to explain. World War One is commonly abbreviated as WWI. That uses roman numerals. So if we look at the license plate and use roman numerals, we get A 111 118. When we look at that in relation to WWI, we find that it was a spooky portent. Because, WWI ended with the signing of the Armistice on November 11th, 1918. Armistice 11 11 18.



Anyhoo......time for the main oddity.

Up top there, that picture? It’s a woodcarving from a London newspaper in 1888. For three months, from August to November, in 1888, London was in the grips of fear. It just wasn’t safe to venture out of doors at night. Well, if you were a prostitute, that is.


You see, a mysterious person was roaming the streets murdering ladies of the night. And not just murdering them, the assailant was dissecting the victims.

Today we know of five victims. There may have been more, but there are five we know for a fact that were killed by the same person. And who was that person?


We don’t know. Many people have theories about who the killer was. But the plain and simple truth is, we do not know for sure who the murderer was. All we have are speculations. In fact, if I remember correctly, I even used one of the stranger theories about the identity of the killer as an oddity in the past. One of the theories was that Prince Edward was the killer and he fled England to Austria to avoid capture and eventually changed his name to Adolf Hitler. Lewis Carrol was also considered to have been a potential suspect.

But the plain and simple truth is, we don’t know who Jack the Ripper was. Chances are, we’ll never know. But I can state with absolute certainty one thing about the Ripper: He’s dead. Yep. I can state the fact that he’s dead, and I don’t think anyone can come up with a cogent argument to refute that statement.


So, what is the oddity I have for you about Jack the Ripper?

Well, it’s not actually about the Ripper, but one of his victims. Or maybe it’s about two of his victims. Either way, it’s an oddity.


On the evening of September 29 1888, a young woman was stopped by the police at about 8:30. The officer found she was drunk, so he took her into the local police station to sober up. It was suspected she was a lady of the night, and it wasn’t exactly the safest time for ladies of the night in the Whitechapel district just then. Someone was out killing them. And, she was drunk. So, to jail she went.

By 12:30am though, it was determined that she was sober enough to be released. Since they didn’t actually catch her breaking any laws, they just let her go. But they did ask her name.


Now, Catherine Eddowes wasn’t stupid. She was smart enough to lie to the police and give them a false name. She told them her name was Mary Kelly, and they let her go.

It’s really too bad she hadn’t been drunker that night. Because early in the morning of September 30th, police found her body. She was victim number four for the Ripper.


It was soon discovered what her real identity was, and the investigation into her death proceeded.

The Ripper took a little break after killing Eddowes. She was, after all, his second victim of that night. Those two killings held the Ripper in check for over a month, until November 9th. On that night the Ripper killed his last confirmed person. (there were 4 more murders, but may have been the result of a copycat).


On the 9th, the police found a body that had been mutilated. When the police identified her they found it was.......Mary Kelly.

Now, you might say that in 1888 London, Mary Kelly was a very common name. And it may have been. But still......victim #4 using Mary Kelly as a false name, and then victim #5 being an actual Mary Kelly, well......


But there you go. Two oddities for Twofer Tuesday. I can virtually guarantee that next week will be a plain old Singlefer Tuesday. Unless I decide differently. In which case it’ll be something else.

Ok...since this post was about ladies of the night......

Do you know what a lady of the night and someone who can’t type have in common?

They’re both hunt ‘n peckers.

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