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Say it fast and you’ll get it.’s the deal.....I got home from work, and I started performing some superb Google-fu. Todays post was going to be all full if information and stuff. I thought it would be kind of special if I were to search out some pictures of some very exceptional fossils, and have a good description of the creature, and then provide an artists rendering of what the creature looked like in life.


I searched, I copied, I pasted, I typed. I took a break and made diner. (chicken cheese steak with fried onions and bacon, in case you were wondering). The I typed and pasted and copied and typed some more. I looked at the clock and saw I had spent 2 hours, (including the 20 minutes for diner), on the post. I was almost done. I had just a couple of things left to add, and I’d be done.

Off I went to Google to search for a certain fossil, (by name, mind you), and....WTF?

The first hit was an Otters Oddities post. So I clicked the link. Well, as it turned out, I had misspelled the name of the specimen I was looking for. And by coincidence, I had misspelled it in the original oddities post. So, instead of finding what I wanted, I found what I didn’t want. I found that I had already done a post like that before. On July 10, 2013 to be exact.

I’m so pissed right now. Well, not really pissed. More like, frustrated. I compared the two articles and by gosh and by golly, they were very similar. Sure, some of the text was different, but most of the creatures I wrote about today were included in the original post. And, sadly, the original was slightly better. And that makes me even more frustrated.


So in a fit of slight pique, I decided to just post a link to the original post and go with the pictures I took today.


I was out onsite doing service calls, and after the last one, I was driving back to the shop. Ahead about a quarter mile, I saw a big doggie in a corn field with another small doggie next to it. As I drove closer, I realized the big doggie was turning to run out into the road, so I started braking. Then I realized that was no big doggie! As I slowed to a stop and it ran onto the road just ahead of me, I saw it was not a large dog, but a sow bear. And how did I know it was a sow bear? Because what I thought was a small doggy was a tiny cub. And then another cub. And another. And finally, a fourth cub.

That crappy picture up top is the fourth, and smallest, cub running across the road in front of me. Yes, it’s a crappy picture. but in my defense, I had about 5 seconds to pull out my phone, open the camera app and take the picture, all while steering and braking safely. Plus, it was raining. And of course, there’s a rain drop right freaking on top of the cub!




This is the picture I took after I came fully to a stop. And bonus, no rain spatter on the side window! The two black dots in the grass are the second and third cubs to cross the road. The first one is in the clump of bushes, (actually, if you look really close you can see the first cub just entering), with the last cub hidden in the bushes by the shoulder of the road. And if you look at the edge of the tree line, you can see the momma bear. (don’t forget to enlarge the picture)


In this final picture, you can see the smallest of the four cubs coming out of the ditch. The third cub is just entering the bushes, and momma bear is starting to stand up. After this picture she was up on her hind legs and giving me the stink eye. So I left. But I could have jumped out and grabbed the last cub and had myself a new pet. I would have named it Ben, of course.

Sadly, that last cub will most likely be dead within a month. It was the runt, and was probably only 1/2 the size of the others. Plus, bears usually only have one, maybe two cubs that survive the spring. And four cub broods are rare. Three are rare as well....


But I’ll try not to think about the sad facts of nature. And I’ll just be happy that I was lucky enough to see a momma bear and her four tiny, incredibly adorable cubs.

And I’ll also try to forget that I spent so much time basically writing a duplicate of a prior post.


Oh, and just in case you were wondering, since I’m recycling an old post, I’m not calling this an official Friday Rocks post. It’s just a post. Involving rocks with dead things in them that you’ve probably seen before. You might not remember it though. It was almost two years ago, after all.

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