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Draw me like one of them purty French girls.....

You know what makes me sad about this picture? I’m sad that I never got a chance to pet that doggie.


But, unfortunately I have no time for maudlin prose about long dead dogs. I totally forgot to do an oddities post this weekend. So here I am, in my office at school, furiously typing away, trying to get this done before it’s supposed to go live. In 40 minutes. So, excuse me if I don’t tarry....

Welcome to Made Up Monday. This is the day I disclose a fact that either true, or false. It’s up to you to decide which it is.

And today’s fact is one I came up with on the spur of the moment. Like, 5 minutes ago. Ok....that isn’t true. I have this list I use, but it’s at home. I have a second list I keep in my head of potential ideas, and this is one of those. It didn’t make it to the official list because I hadn’t had a chance to research enough to see if it would be interesting or not. And since I’m pressed for time, it’s what you’re getting.

That dapper fellah up there is none other than George Armstrong Custer. You might not have been able to recognize him in the picture, because this is what he looked like when he served with the Union forces during the Civil War.


Custer started the war as a 2nd Lieutenant, and ended the war as a Major General. That’s a fairly meteoric rise in rank. Mony of his detractors said it was due to who he knew, an not to any skill.

But the fact is, Custer distinguished himself as an able leader in combat. And while favoritism did play a role in his promotions, he did earn his rank, and his commands. And he had a lot of combat commands. He took part in most of the major battles of the Civil War. From First Manassas to Appomattox. (that’s the first battle of Bull Run to the surrender of Lee’s forces).


After the war he spent a few months in Texas helping with the reconstruction. Finally, in 1866 he was ordered out west to help with the “Indian problem”. And in 1876, near the Little Bighorn River in Montana, Custer met his end.

Who killed him is a mystery. Several of the warriors who took part in the battle claimed the kill. One warrior claimed he has shot a man in a big hat and buckskin jacket before the battle started. In 2005 the Cheyenne Nation broke it’s silence and claimed on of their female warriors delivered the blow that knocked him off his horse and resulted in his death. So, we’ll never know for sure how, or when, he fell in the battle.


But pay attention now. Because here’s the part that might be true, or it might be false.

One thing that can safely be said about George Armstrong Custer was.....he was not a general. Everyone calls him ‘General Custer’, but the fact is, he never attained the rank of general in the US Army. His highest rank? Lieutenant Colonel.


So friends, true or false? Was General Custer never really a general?

I’ll be back tomorrow with the answer.

(Woo-Hoo! 20 minutes to spare. For those of you doing the math, that means it took me 20 minutes to type up this post.)

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