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*knock knock* Hurry up! My teeth are starting to float!

Peeing on a plane is bad, right? Peeing on a train is worse. But the absolute worst is, peeing on a bus. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail on this subject. I’ll just say, using a bathroom on a moving vehicle sucks, and leave it at that.


Hi. Guess what? I’m still sick. I went home early yesterday. But it didn’t work. I mean, I was sitting at home, watching TV and napping, while being paid to do it, and I still feel icky. What’s up with that?

As a result, I’m going to keep today short as well. I figure a short post is better than no post, right? Besides, I had one yesterday, and if I don’t post today, no one will know for sure if I was lying or not. Because today is Tell The Truth Tuesday!

And the truth is, I was truthing. Yes, it is true. In certain circumstances, your tonsils can actually grow back. If the doctor removing them does not remove all of them, they can grow back from what little remains. And the regrown tonsils can cause just as much of a problem as the originals.

Did you know your tonsils were on of the first line of defenses for your immune system? They are. I’m not going to explain any further because I don’t want to.


For todays quick oddity I decided to tell you about how archeologists are using diarrhea to help track the first official expedition to the west the US government funded.

Gross but true. Back when Lewis and Clark were getting ready to explore a path across the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, Lewis knew that keeping his men healthy was of paramount concern. And the doctor he consulted about this, Doctor Rush, just happened to be a firm believer in the curative effects of a good purgative/laxative.


So he sold Lewis a very large supply of Bilious Pills. The primary ingredient of these pills was mercury. And, to say they worked was an understatement. While Lewis always called them ‘Rush’s Pills’, the rest of the men called them ‘Thunder Clappers’.

Maintaining a regular schedule was important. So the men willingly took the pills. And with the varied and unusual diet they were consuming, it probably was a good idea. Only one man died on the expedition, and that was due to appendicitis, so it must have worked. It did ensure the men didn’t get lazy and decide to spend a few days in camp....


But one thing is did was help modern archeologists follow the exact route Lewis and Clark took.

Because of the amount of mercury in the pills, there is no doubt about where they made their camps. Mercury doesn’t dissipate or degrade in soil, so wherever they found high concentrations of mercury, they knew they had found the camp of Lewis and Clark.


Interesting fact about the Lewis and Clark expedition, on average, the men ate 9 pounds of meat a day. They had to to keep their strength up. Now, the meat the ate was mostly deer and bison which are both very lean meats, which is one of the reasons they had to eat so much. Although, they were guilty of wasteful hunting. The hump and the tongue were their favorite cuts on a bison, so they only took the other meat if food was looking to be scarce. And their other favorite meat? Beaver tail.

Anyway, I’m going to bed. I need to work in the morning, so.....must sleep and feel better.

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