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Otters Oddities


I swear, I had an oddity for today. I composed it, and I scheduled it to post at the normal time. And I know I did it, because as soon as I was done, I went to bed.


Because I’m sick. And now, the oddity is gone. Crap. Well, I’m going home sick from work in 15 minutes, so I’ll just quickly re-type it.

Because I don’t feel well, I had just a short oddity for you. This one will be short as well.

Because I don’t want to gyp you out of a Made Up Monday. You know, the day where I either make something up or I don’t, and you get to decide which it is.

So, put on your thinking caps right away, because I’m just going to jump right on in, feet first, without even looking where I’m going to leap!


Everybody has them, but they don’t bother everybody. For example, mine have never bothered me, so I still have them. My sisters were a pain in the ass, so hers were removed. What am I talking about? Why, tonsils, of course.

Never having experienced infected tonsils, I can only imagine the pain. (I did test positive for strep and mono at the same time, though...) When tonsils become infected, doctors tend to remove them. They use long scissors and cut them out, leaving gaping wounds in your throat.


But here’s the thing, just because you have them removed doesn’t mean you’re finished. Because......tonsils can grow back!

Ok, true or false? Tell me now, and I’ll reveal the answer later.

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