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Mmmm.....What do you think Gromit? I’d say it tastes like a Camembert...

Get it? Because Wallace likes cheese? And Camembert is a cheese? And he and Gromit went to the moon because they were out of cheese? Because apparently it’s easier to build a rocket ship and fly to the moon than it is to nip on down to the shops and pick up some cheese. And as everyone knows, the moon is made of cheese.


I’m a cheese head myself. And I mean that in the sense that 1. I live in Wisconsin, and 2. I love cheese. But not all cheese. I’m not a fan of soft cheeses like Brie or the Blue Cheeses. And you can shove your Limburger right back into the orifice it originally pooped out of. So, I like most cheeses. I do have to eat Swiss cheese with something. I’m not a fan of it solo. And the cheese-like goo that comes from a can? I’ll eat it. Eat it to pieces!

I even like American cheese. Even though its not really a true cheese. But that’s ok. Because it tastes good. And it’s really melty for sammiches. Don’t judge me!

Enough about cheese. I short changed you an oddity yesterday because of all the stupid on the internet that sucks a brain dry. So let’s just move on to todays post, shall we?

And today is, of course, Totally Trippy Theory Thursday! The day I get to tell you all about a theory that actual people actually believe!


And the subject for today’s theory is one that I’ve covered before; the Moon. I’ve told you about the theory that the moon doesn’t exist and what you see is a hologram. And I’ve told you about the Nazi bases on the moon. I’m not going to delve into the moon landing theory because everyone knows all about that.

Today I want to tell you about another moon theory. It’s called The Spacecraft Moon theory. That is, that the moon isn’t actually a moon, but instead it’s an alien spaceship put there to observe life on Earth all undetected. For obvious reasons, (to me at least) I avoided using the Star Wars ‘That’s no moon!’ picture for the opening.


Wait until you hear the reasoning behind it.

The moon is the fifth largest natural satellite in the solar system, and that’s a problem. Because of it’s size, it shouldn’t be in the orbit it’s in. It’s too big and too dense. And when it was studied, it appears that the reason for this is, the outer shell of the moon is denser than the inner part. This means, obviously, that the moon is hollow.


And for proof that it’s hollow, we have the fact that the moon rings like a bell whenever it’s struck by an object like a meteor. In 1969, when the lunar lander was released from the lunar orbiter so the astronauts could return to Earth, the lander impacted against the moon. And that caused the seismic sensors they had left to show the moons surface reverberated for an hour after the impact. So obviously the moon is hollow, right?

And the crust of the moon isn’t right either. When NASA drilled into the crust, they found it to be much denser than they expected. And they reported seeing metal shavings in the drilling residue. Plus, rocks that they bought back and tested are 5.2 billion years old, while the Earth is only 4.6 billion years old. How could the moon be older than the Earth?


Well, the moon isn’t natural, obviously. The surface of the moon was constructed to look natural, and the materiel was collected for various locations in the galaxy, and as such, it’s older than the Earth. Obviously.

And, isn’t it a coincidence that the moon is just the exact size needed to fully block the sun during an eclipse? And why is the moons orbit stationary and almost perfectly circular? Well, obviously because it’s a spaceship, duh.


And living in the spaceship is a race of aliens that are monitoring our development. Because, obviously, they seeded the Earth with life as an experiment, and they are still watching today.

And, haven’t you wondered why there’s an increase in UFO activity whenever we send something to the moon? It’s the alien scientists evacuation to avoid detection, obviously.


I mean, if you look at the fact, how can you come to an other conclusion than the moon is nothing but a gigantic spaceship? It’s obvious! Well, it is to people who aren’t so closed minded that they rely on ‘actual facts’, instead of supposition and conjecture. I mean, if you ignore science and logic and facts, then of course it’s obvious that the moon can be nothing other than a spaceship. Obviously.

And that my friends, is (obviously*) and actual theory believed by actual people.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take some pictures of a fossil for tomorrows post.

* Whomever wrote the source material I used was very fond of the word ‘obviously’. They used it quite a lot. Infact, I think the word ‘obviously’ was their form of proof for the theory. It was a couple of wacky Russians who came up with it originally. But, sadly, (and obviously), there are people who believe it.

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