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Otters Oddities

Ahhh.....clear blue sky, clear blue water, white, sandy, beaches.....a tropical paradise. What could be better?


You really want me to tell you? Do you? Really?

Ugh. These last few days have been tough. It's been super windy, wet and chilly. All the things that make my allergies act up. Well, some of the things at least. I have spent the last few days in a fog. I head is clearing, but the damage has already been done.


Monday, in a brain-farted-allergy-induced fog, I somehow made an accidental purchase. I was online, and I saw a shiny, and I wanted it, so I clicked on it and ignored the price. Then I accidentally, somehow, managed to click accept and next several times to get to the final order page. I think I sneezed and my hand spasmed and click the 'Complete Purchase' button. I'm not exactly sure. I was in some sort of fugue state, I think.

I wasn't fully aware of what I had done. In fact, it wasn't until Tuesday morning when I received the email saying it had shipped that the full impact of my actions hit home. And now, I just don't know what I'm going to do. I mean, did I want it? well, yeah....I guess. Did I need it? Maybe not the specific choice I made, but yeah...I guess I did. So why all the regret?

I....I bought....I...*oh my gosh this is hard*.....

I bought an iPhone 6. There. I said it.

I've had an Android phone for years. All of my smart phones have been Android. I like the Android OS. I like the phones. So what went wrong? Why the switch?


Because I'm tired of the fragmentation. When I got my last phone, it had only been released into the wild a month earlier. It came with OS 4.2. And 4.3 was released 1 month after I got it. So the phone was 2 months into the wild, and only a month old. And I never got the update to 4.3. I have had the phone for 2 years, and never once have I received any sort of update for it. I know, I could root it and throw on a custom ROM. My other Androids all had that treatment. And it was a pain in the ass. I don't mean to say it was difficult. I just mean that the fact I had to do it at all was a pain.

As far as moving to the iOS arena, I am already in the Apple playground. All my personal computers are Macs. (iMac and MacBook Pro and MacBook Air). I am, after all, a certified Apple tech and have been for 14 years. I own an iPad and an iPod. So I am not new to Apple. I just never dipped my toes into the iPhone before because I liked the diversity of Android. But now, I have said 'screw it'. My iPhone 6 will be here today, and I will set it up and transfer all my contacts and emails and I will never look back to Android again. Except for My Kindle. And my Fire TV Stick. And the Galaxy Tab.


Not that anyone cares, or anything. I just wanted to let you know that, not only did the fog cause me to draw a blank for yesterdays oddity, it made me make what could be a bad decision.

Speaking of drawing a blank for yesterdays oddity, I blamed it on a brain fart. So I decided today, I was going to run with that subject. Sort of.


I'm actually going to share a few minor oddities about fish.

What? Fish fart too you know. They do! In fact, if Herring didn't fart, they would never talk to each other!


Scientists who studied herring noticed that at night, when the herring shoaled up for protection, there was a Fast Repetitive Tick noise that they could detect. This FRT, as they call it, was produced in conjunction with bubbles escaping from the fish's anal passage. In other words, via farts. When herring fart, they shoal up.

So yes, fish fart, and they don't do it for the giggles. They do it to communicate with each other.


But what other odd things can I tell you about fish? Well.....we all know that fish live in water, right? And we all know that humans don't. Why? Well, humans need oxygen to survive. But, so do fish. Fish have developed a method of extracting oxygen by using their gills to capture dissolved oxygen out of the water. When humans try it, we drown. Oddly enough, fish drown too.

Some fish, including sharks, need to remain in motion to push water past the gills. If they stop, the no longer can extract the oxygen they need, and they drown. That's why finning sharks is so terrible. When you remove a sharks fins, you remove it's ability to move. So they die.


Finally, you see that idyllic beach up there? Want to walk barefoot on it? Maybe roll in the sand? Get frisky with your best friend? Well, maybe you want to think twice. Sand is, for the most part, either pulverized coral/rock, or tiny dead things. You know this. You've all seen close ups of sand, right? Well, white sand, the kind you find in the tropics? Might not be exactly what you thin it is. because there's another source for it.

The Parrot fish is a colorful fish that lives in the tropics. And when it poops, it poops out tiny pieces of hard coral. (it feeds on the living coral and poops out the rock when it's done). All this pooped out coral sinks to the ocean floor where it becomes part of the substrate that makes up sand. Parrot fish poop sand.


No big deal, right? I mean how much sand can one fish poop? How about 1 metric ton per year. Per fish. Think about how much sand that is. Now, picture how many Parrot fish there are in the oceans. (a whole bunch of a lot). The next time you're walking on a white sandy coral beach, you're walking in poop! Haha!

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with some kind of theory and a new iPhone.

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