This is your brain, don't tell's on something. I think. But I don't know what. Maybe. I think.

Descartes once said "I think therefore I am". His little brother Deswagons said "I don't think", and disappeared.

This one time, at band camp, we were having a discussion, and someone told me that the idea I had was the shittiest idea they had ever heard. So I told them it was the result of a brain fart.

Today is Tuesday. I think. Is it? Let me, four, square root of Friday divided by July plus the remainder of Spring means....yup, it's Tuesday. And that makes it Tell The Truth Tuesday. This is the day I tell you the truth about yesterdays post.


Are you ready? Really really ready? Ok, here goes.

I made it up. That's right, Bricklies were a figment of my imagination. I just sat down and found a picture of some Lego and said to myself, 'What can I come up with that would sound believable?', and Bricklies is what I came up with. To tell you the honest truth, all I really wanted was an excuse to crack a joke about stepping on a Lego brick in the middle of the night.


So, I'm sorry, but I lied to you because I could.

Now, you might look at my opening picture and wonder what kind of subject matter I'm going to come up to go along with it.


The truth is, I got nothing. My brain is on a fart right now. I try to keep a lost of subjects for my oddities, and well, I ran out. That's normally not a big deal, but today was an exceptionally busy day at work. I had no chance to try and find a subject. Usually I have enough down time to at least find a subject, but not today. And then, it's Monday. And I coach Mondays. So I didn't have a chance after work to come up with a subject.

So, as a result, I feel terrible because I don't have an oddity for you. But I do have a treat! Speed Metal ABBA!

And also a link to a book I fondly remember from my childhood.

Otherwise, That's all I got.