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Otters Oddities

Out of all the grinds I ever did, grinding for Fused Wiring was always one of my favorites. All the other engineers I knew complained about having to go to Gnomeregon to get it. But I knew an area where it would drop with some degree of regularity.

The area outside of Zul'Gurub where all the goblins were. There were a couple of harvesters that would spawn fairly quickly, and they has about a 4% chance to drop the wire. (this was in vanilla, before they made a schematic so you could just make your own)


At the time I was the only engineer in the guild. And this was back when ZG was a 40-man raid. And it was a lot of fun. But it tended to kill us a lot. Meaning we took durability damage on our gear. And there was no real convenient place to repair. Oh sure, you could head to Grom'Gol, but respawns, man! What about the respawns?

So I took it upon myself to force our main tank, main rogue, maid druid and main priest to run me into Blackrock Depths, which was a dungeon we all hated, so I could get the schematics for Field Repair Bot 74A. This repair bot is also why I dropped my maxed out skinning on my mage to level engineering. (he was a skinner/miner. It's all about the money, baby!)

When I got the repair bot, it was still fairly unknown. I'd flash it in chat in Orgrimar and be deluged with whispers of "where you get?" "how?" and "what's mats? make me some?". Hahaha! It was Bind on Pickup. If I made them, they were mine! It ensured I was one of the 3 mages the guild took to ZG every time. (hey....those bad guys don't just sheep themselves!).

The Tin Foil Hat was a Blizzard April Fools day joke. And it would have made engineering more fun. But they never did release it as a real item. Even though all the engineers begged them to. it would have been perfect headgear for all the theories I'm flinging your way.


Because today is Totally Trippy Theory Thursday! This is the day I search out a theory that some one somewhere actually believes.

And I had a real winner for today. I was going to tell you about how the Modern Art movement in America was encouraged by the CIA. And how the CIA promoted it around the world as a way to show the people in repressed nations how free America was.


But I can't. Because that's not a theory. It's actually true. The CIA did promote modern art by artists like Jackson Pollock because it showed the rest of the world that Americans were free to 'go outside the lines' and do their own thing. And if they called it art, then by God, it was art!

I was also going to tell you about the wild theory that the FBI had a plan to get rid of Martin Luther King jr by getting him to kill himself. But as it turns out, that one is true as well. In 1964 the FBI sent King a series of anonymous letters telling him that he was worthless, a fraud, and that no one liked him and he should kill himself. No, really. I might be writing this on April 1st, but since you're reading it on the 2nd, I'm not telling a joke.


No, if I'm going to tell you about a theory, I would prefer that they be just that, theories. Something that someone want's to believe, but you know deep down isn't true. And I think I have just the one for you.

It involves everyones favorite chicken skin place, Kentucky Fried Chicken. (oh, tell me the skin isn't your favorite part! Lalala Popeye's is not better lalala I can't hear you lalala).


This theory says that the main owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken is a racist, a member of the KKK, and the reason the recipe is secret is so no one finds out the truth about KFC and their chicken. And that truth is, one of the secret spices used in the seasoning is designed to make black men impotent. Not white men, not asians, not latinos. Just black men.

This mystery man perfected the secret spice Harlan Sanders had been working on before his death. And now, not only does KFC make black men impotent, they find it mildly addictive so they keep on consuming it.


Now, I've heard me some crazy theories about race in my time, but this one takes the cake. Or skin, if you prefer. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of fast food chicken. But I do like me some KFC skin.

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