Ohhh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Nope. I don't wanna. Ohhhhh no, no, no, no, no, no.

Best. Cartoon. Scavenger. Ever!

Which, when you think about it, is funny. Because in every cartoon, this buzzard was a hunter, going after Bugs, a lion, and multiple other toons. but in real life, buzzards are carrion eaters. They eat already dead things.

Road kill is a free lunch. Or, they wait until the predator has had their fill, then they go in and eat whatever is left. You know, like that one aunt you have who hovered at the buffet table at the family reunion and waited for everyone to go through the line once so she could eat everything else. (well, mine was an aunt. Yours might have been an uncle or cousin. My aunt would swoop down and gorge herself on the food, then fill a large container with food to take home.)

Can you imagine having to eat carrion? Like, you're starving, you have no money, there's no food in the house, you haven't eaten in three days, and there, in the ditch, is that deer that was hit by a car last week. Some type of animal has already been eating part of it, but you need food. So you grab a haunch and take it home to eat. Can you imagine being that hungry? I can't. But there are people out there who are, and who do eat the carrion they find.


Actually, in the rural area where I live, there are people who listen to police scanners for deer/car hits. Then they go out before the police get there to take the deer. (it's illegal. even though it's road kill, it needs to be tagged and registered with the DNR if you want it). And then they butcher it and eat it. Oh sure, they don't use the really damaged bits, or the meat that was contaminated by a ruptured bowel. But you learn quickly who you can accept venison from and who to avoid. I know a guy who has a strict 3 day limit. That means if a deer has been dead 3 days or less, he'll take it. 'Aged venison' he calls it.

My thoughts are, any wild game I eat has to either have been killed by me, or by someone I know, with either a gun or a bow. I'm not a fan of vehicle vittles. I'm also not a hunter anymore. Sort of lost my taste for killing things myself.


Hey! There's a thought! I bet we could stop war if we made it less wasteful! Make the opposite sides eat what they kill, like hunters do. When I hunted, if I wasn't going to eat it, I wasn't going to shoot it. If soldiers have to feast on the enemy dead, there might be fewer of them. Plus, it has the added benefit of reducing the cost of war. Less supplies that would have to be transported. Saving money on the supplies and the resources needed to move them.

Of course, it might backfire. I mean, what if on Monday you feel like some Chinese food. Then Tuesday you want Mexican. Indian on Wednesday, Italian on Thursday and good old fashioned home cooking, (just like mama), on Friday.


Hmm. Might not work after all.....

Well, now that I've made everyone hungry, let's move on to todays post. It's Totally Trippy Theory Thursday! I'm going to tell you about a theory that actual people actually believe.


And today's theory has to do with vultures. I know, I started with a buzzard. But the buzzard is funnier than the vulture. Most cartoon vultures are depicted as evil. And in some cases, the nazis were depicted as vultures. And they just wouldn't have been appropriate. Why?

Well, let me tell you. You see, in 2012 in the Sudan, officials arrested a vulture. Why? or spying, of course! And who was this vulture working for? The Mossad. Yes, Sudan thought Israel was sending vultures equipped with cameras to spy on them! And as proof, the Sudanese government provided a tag taken from the vultures leg that they claimed proved Israel's guilt.


However, Israel's Nature and Parks Authority said it was their device. It was a GPS tracker they used to study the migration habits of vultures.

But lest you think it's only the Sudanese, in June of 2013, Turkey charged a Kestrel with spying on them. The kestrel had a tag on it's leg that said '24311 Tel Avivunia Israel'. But the Turks showed some semblance of intelligence. They x-rayed the bird. Close examination of the x-rays showed the tag was just a tag, and there were no electronic devices located anywhere on the bird at all. So the kestrel was cleared of all charges and released on it's own recognizance. A month later, Egypt arrested a stork for having a similar tag.


But this crazy wasn't new. In 2010 Egypt investigated Israel for spying when a hunter shot a vulture that had a Tel Aviv University tag on it's leg. Also in 2010, the Egyptian town of Sharm el-Sheik endured a spate of shark attacks. These attacks were blamed on Israel who they said trained the sharks to attack Egyptian waters. Aparently the Mossad trained them to do this in an effort to hurt Egypt's tourism trade.

Say what you want about Israel and the Mossad. I personally think they have better methods of spying than using migratory birds. Birds die. Birds are hunted. Birds are studied. Using birds to spy would not be the best use of resources, especially since once you release them, you have no idea of where they are going. (hence the GPS to study movements).


I know birds have been used in times of war for relaying messages, but those were homing pigeons who knew how to find a specific location when released. or sending messages, they worked. For gathering data, not so much.

Anyway, as usual, this was a real theory that actual people actually believe.

For tomorrow, I have another fossil post for you. I'll have to look at my collection to see if I want to do more trilobites, or give you guys another weeks rest from them and feature some other dead creature. Find out tomorrow.