Brain freeze? It's not the ice cream that causes it, it's the corrupted RAM. Or maybe you need more thermal grease under your heat sink. (heh...that sounds dirty....)

You can tell that this is one of our earlier ancestors. How? Well, you see those two cooling fans? That means it's a dual processor brain instead of a dual core one. And those are just standard PCI expansion slots. Also, there is a parallel port on the top of the skull. Who uses parallel anymore? Besides......he's probably only USB 1.1...

Some people think the future of computing will be implants. Personally, I don't see it. Not as computers, I mean. Sure, implants to restore vision, or hearing, or wiener function. But not for using as a computer. I just don't see it. There will be those who will want it, and will use it if it's developed, of course. But I think the majority of people won't. Look at something like Google Glass. It could have been huge, except the public mostly scorned it. people who used it loved it. Others felt it was an invasion of their privacy, a distraction, or made the user look like a derp.

I also don't think self driving cars will ever be more than a fad. The people who will buy them are the people who can't drive well anyway. But consider this; why buy a self driving car if you have to learn how to drive anyway? Because, what happens when you go on vacation and your rental is a regular car? We see it today to some extent with manual vs. automatic transmissions. It amazes me how many people can't drive a stick. Same with self driving cars. For it to be viable, all cars would have to transition at the same time, or nearly so. Otherwise, people will still need to learn to drive. It's like with the self parking cars we have now. SO, great, your cal parallel parks for you. What if you need to do it for yourself?


Computers are a tool. Like the chipped stone flakes that Homo habilis made at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. They made life easier. But you didn't see H. habilis trying to incorporate an Oldowan tool into his hand. For them, they were tools to be used to make their lives easier. And that's what we need to use computers for. To make life easier. We rely too much on computers. And it's going to bite us in the ass someday. Or maybe just shoot us in the butt because we ran out of OJ.

But today is Tell The Truth Tuesday. It's the day I reveal the truth behind yesterdays post.


And the truth is, I was telling the truth.

In 1962 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff came up with something they called Operation Northwoods. It was a plan to justify a war against Cuba where Cuba would be made to look like the aggressor. It was thought that this would allow the US to take over Cuba, thereby removing the communist threat to the mainland US, and also keep the Soviets out of the fight.


Sadly, every one of the items I listed yesterday were all suggested. Including the sabotage of John Glen's flight.

The chairman of the JCS, Lyman L. Lemnitzer, (no really, that was his name), took the plan to President Kennedy. And Kennedy flipped out. He told Lemnitzer that under no circumstances was this plan to ever leave the building. The JCS was told to stop discussing it, and that if word ever leaked out, it was to be denied. And then Kennedy fired Lemnitzer.


Well.....he didn't really fire him. He removed him from the JCS, but he was made SAC-NATO shortly after, so, not really a demotion even. (Supreme Allied Commander NATO).

Operation Northwoods didn't become public knowledge until 1998 when many of the Kennedy documents were declassified.


There is no denying that governments can do evil things to justify their motives. But not every evil thing people blame their government for is real.

But wait. We were talking about computers, weren't we? Does anyone know what the first computer was? And no, I'm not talking about the Antikythera Device. That was a navigational device. I'm talking about the first computer.


Who said ENIAC? Because that's wrong. Who said Colossus? Because that's wrong too. Who said Babbage's Difference Engine? Because that is also wrong. The Abacus? The Ishango Bone? The Curta? Wrong, wrong, and wong.

The first computers were actually used in astronomy. (no, not the sextant, either). And they weren't machines. They were humans.


That's right. The first computers were human beings.

Up until 1613 people used devices to aid them in their math. Those devices went under many different names, but as a group were known as calculators. Because they were used to calculate sums. In fact, we still call them calculators.


In the early 17th century, when people started doing massive amounts of math to figure out the orbits of the planets and the length of their days, distances from the sun, and all those other astronomy things, it became too much for the astronomer to do themselves. There was just too much math. So people were hired to run the calculators. These people were called computers. Because they computed the calculations.

Today we call our machines computers. Because it's the machines that are doing the computations. Humans are just inputting the data to be computed. But up until WWII, humans were the computers and the machines were calculators.


Now, run off and do some non computer related stuff for a while. Read a book. Frolic in the grass. Have naked, sweaty time with another consenting adult. And while all of you are doing that, I'm going to download these movies. More bandwidth for me!