Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Geht yer fookin' hands off'n me Lookie Charms! I'm a fookin leprechaun, an' oi kin maek ye regret evair takin' a breath!

Happy St. Patricks Day. I guess.

Now, I lived in Ireland for three years. (no really, I did. 1981-84) You'd be surprised at how much the Irish ignore St. Patricks Day.


"Oh, ye mean tere's a special dai when ye drink? We call dat Tursday!"

If you want to talk holidays in Ireland, you need to talk about that one Monday a month when everybody has the day off. (bank holiday) Or some obscure Catholic holy day. Like, I remember being off school because it was the day everyone said the Novena.

All right, I have a confession to make. Today, (that's Monday for you who are reading this in the future), was the first day of the school trap season. And, I'm a coach. I spent way more time than I thought I would doing coaching things, and as a result, I have a very tiny amount of time to write this before I have to get to bed. (If I don't go to bed by a certain time, my insomnia kicks in and I'm screwed for a few days, so, sorry, sleep wins). As a result, I have the answer to yesterdays post, but I don't have an oddity for today. I didn't research a subject ahead of time, and the list I usually keep that has ideas is blank. I know, I'm slacking. but I totally forgot today was the day I had to start coaching until, like, 10 minutes before practice was supposed to start. If it makes you feel any better, I was the one who was in charge of opening the club facilities, and I forgot the keys at home, so everyone stood out in the cold until someone else showed up with the keys. (why yes, I did have a crappy day, thanks for asking...)

So, welcome to Tell The Truth Tuesday. It's the day where I reveal the truth behind yesterdays post.


And, I was.....telling the truth.

At least, historians think I'm telling the truth. You see, when Pope Gregory IX declared cats, especially black ones, were the direct servants of the devil, he set off a new craze amongst the faithful: the wholesale slaughter of cats.


Everywhere you went in Europe, people would kill cats on sight, because they were the spawn of satan. And they must die because of that.

But what Greg didn't realize was, cats actually helped humanity. They killed vermin. And some of the vermin they killed were rats. And rats, it's believed, were one of the main carriers of the fleas that carried the Bubonic Plague to Europe. And the Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as The Black Death, killed an estimated 100 million people.


Now, we can't say for certain that Gregs denunciation of cats was the only reason the plague struck so fiercely, but we know that by decimating the cat population, the rat population exploded which led to a more ready transmission of the plague from rat to human.

Now, in the name of full disclosure, recent studies have suggested that rats might be given a bad rap when it comes to the transmission of the plague. Some studies suggest that rats might have had help in bringing the plague to humanity. Regardless, the reduction in the cat population did play a role in the deaths of 100 million people. And it's all Gregs fault because he didn't like cats.


As for todays oddity, I'm really sorry. But it's late and I need to get to bed, otherwise I'll be a zombie all day tomorrow and then unable to function enough to write tomorrows post. I promise I'll try to make tomorrows post really good. (Notice I said I'd promise to try and make it really good. It might end up being really lame. We'll just have to wait and see.)

Don't hate me because I need my beauty sleep......(trust me, I need all the beauty sleep I can get.)

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