Are we not men? We are Devo!

I don't know. Is it proper to mention a band known for singing about whipping while showing a picture of children?

Am I not proper? I am Otter!

Actually, I think Angellica could use a good dose of the whip. Not in any perverted way, mind you. But in a punishment for being evil way.

But, what exactly do the Rugrats have to do with Devo?

Mark Mothersbaugh. No, that's not a random name. He's the guy who wrote the Rugrats theme song. He was also a cofounder of Devo. So, in some sort of twisted way, you could almost say Devo wrote the Rugrats theme.


Today is the dat after Wednesday so that means it's Totally Trippy Theory Thursday. Real theory. People really believe it.

And the theory I have for you today, some of you have most likely heard. It first made the rounds 5 years ago, and it still pops up sometimes. But I'm including it because it's one of my favorite theories. And, it explains so much......

It's the theory that the Rugrats were all a figment of Angelica's imagination.

Chuckie's dad was such a nervous wreck because he never fully recovered from the death of his wife. Chuckie also died that day with his mother. that's why Chuckie's personality mimics his fathers so closely. Angelica transferred his dad onto Chuckie.


Tommy's dad has an obsession with creating the perfect toy. Because he doesn't have the son he should have. Tommy was actually stilborn.

Phil and Lil are identical twins. Not only that, they are almost identical in their behavior and personalities. hat's because they were never born. Their mom had an abortion and Angelica never found out if it was a boy or a girl, so she created twins.

Having the babies around in her imagination was her way of dealing with their deaths. Her parents are the 'hands off' types. Angelica never had the support system she needed to talk about the deaths and what they mean. So, she gave them the lives she thought they would have lived.


Angelica might have a good reason for her personality issues as well. Her mother, not the one you see currently married to her father, but her true, biological mother, was a drug addict. Angelica is a crack baby. And her biological mother, Cynthia, died from a heroin overdose when Angelica was very young. This is why Angelica's doll is named Cynthia, and also why she is so protective of it.

Susie is Angelica's friend, and she is real. She only pretends to see the babies because she was told by all the adults that Angelica has these imaginary friends. And Susie is playing along because, even at a young age, Susie can tell Angelica is a very fragile person and it's less damaging to play along.

Dil is also a real baby. However, Angelica has never been around real babies and is known to have a violent temper. One day, she hit Dil. Hard. And that's why Dil is such an unusual child and teen.


Later, when they reach high school, Angelica becomes addicted to drugs. It's the drugs that allow her to continue her fantasy of the lost babies, and helps her to 'grow them up'. But Angelica is really very troubled. She tries to escape more and more into her fantasy until, one day, she follows in her mothers footsteps and dies from a heroin overdose. This is reflected in the ending of the 'All Grown Up' series.

As it turns out, the characters of Angelica and Susie were based on real people. After the death of her closest friend, Susie continued on through school, eventually earning a degree in psychology so she could help others who suffered like her childhood friend. She wrote her experiences down and showed them to friends who were looking to make a TV show for kids. They took the real life tragedy of Angelica and made it into a cartoon for Nickelodeon.

If I did my research correctly, this theory originally showed up on CreepyPasta. I like it because it does explain oh so much about the show. (it's also riddled full of holes, but what theory isn't?). The reason I included it today is because, regardless of it's origins, and regardless of the fact it's about a cartoon, there are really people who think it's the truth. That the Rugrats cartoon came about based on the idea of one psychologists childhood friends mental illness.


I don't generally come out and say I believe or disbelieve these theories. (although I think I do a good job conveying my disdain for them without actually calling bullshit on them). This is one I do not believe though. Not because I think it's crazy and absurd, though. I don't believe it because this is one I really pray isn't true. Because if it is, it's heartbreaking.

Anyway, cheer up! Tomorrow you get a rock!