Wine, the fermented juice of the grape. Whine, what people do when they run out.

There are those that taste wine, and realizing that the grape juice has fermented, will toss it out because they are of the opinion that it has gone bad.

I share that feeling. I do not like wine. I've tried it several times, but it is not a drink for me.

Wine coolers, on the other hand. Mr. Bartles and Mr. Jaymes held my hand as a youth and led me down the trail to many a regretful mornings. You see, when I was in high school, all us manly boys drank beer. The cheaper, the better. Hauenstein, Pfeiffers, Blatz, Hamms, Pabst, Schlitz, it didn't matter. Whatever we could get the most of with the cash we had is what we drank. The girls, on the other hand, used to insist on wine coolers.

So we'd hang out and drink. Soon, everyone was feeling good. And then.....the beer ran out. But have no fear! Wine coolers were sold by the 6 pack! And after 3 or 4, most of the lightweights girls were done drinking. So there were these weird, fruity, soda pop tasting things for us to drink. And oh holy kablooey did they make the effects of the cheap beer multiply.


And what is that old rhyme? Beer and liquor, never sicker? It's true. At least it was for us. When we mixed beer and wine coolers, we would get nasty bad hang overs. Also, it was hurp inducing.

Ah....the good old days.....

And I do mean that seriously. I so wish I could go back in time to the era of 17 again. Of course, I would like to know then what I know now, but, I would do so much exactly the same. I'd just enjoy it more.


Hey hey, I say, Hey hey! Hey! Hey hey, I say Hey hey! What day? I say, hey hey, what day?

And this is why I fix computers and write dumb blog posts on the internet instead of being a DJ.

It is a pertinent question, though. And the answer is, of course, Tell The Truth Tuesday! And that means I get to reveal the truth from yesterdays post.


And the truth is, it was true. Most, (maybe all? I don't know. I'm too lazy to make a few clicks and find out), got it right. But, you all got it right for the wrong reason.

The consensus was that there would be no blood because the H-Bomb would vaporize everyone. And that's true, for the people close to the detonation point. But 20 kilometers away, you would still have bodies. people would not be vaporized that far away. Yet, they wouldn't bleed. Because they would die from the shock wave. Sudden Nerve Trauma, they call it. Or, they would cook. And those who were killed by flying shrapnel would have their wounds cauterized by the heat.

But with an H-Bomb, the big killer is radiation. So, there would be little to no blood visible for the most part in the death zone of a hydrogen bomb. plenty of bodies, but little blood. So, I guess I'll give this one to you all. I mean, you were right, even if it was for the wrong reason.


Aw poo....*

But we were talking about wine, right? Wine is ancient. It's been made for years and years and years. Millenia, really. And it's a good thing too. Because way back when, water was not safe to drink. Wine was. So, people drank wine. And beer. All the time. And they kept up the habit until fairly modern times. It's only in the last 100-150 years that drinking water has become reliably safe.

But when people drank wine all the time, that doesn't mean they were always drunk. The wine was less potent. It wasn't fermented long enough to make it as alcoholic as it is today. But that also made it taste different. So the ancient people flavored their wines.


For example, the Romans liked to use lead to flavor their wine. And if lead wasn't your favorite, you could always use salt. Or resin. Or marble dust. All were popular flavorings for wine.

The Greeks though, gave up. Well, some of them did. While some wine makers would use marble or tree sap to add flavor, some would just put the wine in casks and let them sit outside. After a few weeks they would package it up and sell it. Sometimes it was bug infested vinegar. Sometimes it was a thick, goopy, sludge.

And the sad part is, people drank it. They had to. The water wasn't safe. But how do you take a thick, goopy, sludge and make it drinkable? Why, you mix it with water from the Aegean Sea. Yes. They had such high quality wine, the addition of salt water made it taste better.


Have you ever been to the beach? Have you ever tasted salt water?

Yeah. I'll pass on that wine.

* I was cooking diner while typing this. That little interlude was after the timer went off, and the whole chicken I roasted had rested for 10 minutes, I paused to go carve it up and eat it. Mmmm...I love a good roasted chicken. Too bad that when I was rubbing it down with butter and herbs, and stuffing it with lemons and herbs, I made a boo boo. When I put it on the rack in the roasting pan and put it in the oven, I put it in breast side down. Yep, I cooked my damn chicken upside down! FFFFFFffffffUUUuuuuu!!!!!!