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Um....When you said you had a picture of some whale tails, this isn't exactly what I expected...'s funny if you know that 'whale tail' is what you call the top of a woman's thong sticking up out of her pants. Get it? It looks like a whales tail?


Yeah...I have the flu. You can't expect too much from me when I'm sick. I dug myself out from under the kittehs to write this post. Actually, I needed food, but I won't tell you that. Then you think I'm really dedicated to giving you guys a post every day...

Anyway, that picture is of two whales. A big one named Jeffrey and a small one named Gilbert. And yes, those are their actual names. How do I know? Why, because I just named them, silly.

They are North Atlantic Right Whales. Right Whales are actually three species of baleen whales. North Atlantic, North Pacific and Southern. But this isn't really a post about right whales. Well, not really at least.

Right whales are the large whales you see pictures of where they have white patches all over their faces. The patches look like barnacles. And that's what most people think they are.


But if you've ever read my posts, and you've seen me mention 'most people', you'll know that most people are wrong.

See, those white patches aren't spots of different colored skin. And they aren't barnacles. So what are they?



Whale Lice to be exact. Hundreds of thousands of them living in a large colony on the whales face.


The lice are actually a small crustacean, closely related to a carnivorous shrimp called the Stick Shrimp. But while the Stick Shrimp roams the seas hunting and killing it's food, the whale lice prefer to gather together in a group on a whales head and just be couch potatoes. Or head potatoes, if you will.

They don't hurt the whales, or even bother them. In fact, they help the whales. They are a parasitic creature that eats dead skin and excess algae off the whale. This helps keep the whales healthy.


The lice have also learned over time to have their colonies in certain locations on the head. They place themselves where they won't be disrupted by the whales natural movements, or when the whales broach the waters surface.

All in all, a disgusting little creature that does a good job of making it's self useful.


No, really. They're disgusting. Go look up a picture. Eewww......

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