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This sure was a nice place to live until it got so crowded.

Solitude. I like it. It's not that I don't like other people. I mean...Well, I don't. By default, I don't like people. They have to do something to prove they are worthy of my liking them.


That sounds arrogant, doesn't it? It's not. It's just efficiency. The majority of the people you meet in life will disappoint you in the end. This way, I'm already prepared for it.'s not really efficiency. It's actually a condition in my head that most would probably call a mental illness. 50 years ago I would have been called crazy and put in an institution. Today I'm just called weird. And that's cool. Really. because, I take pride in my weirdness. There are those who see themselves as odd and do everything they can to hide it from others. Me? I bask in it. My weirdness is what makes me who I am.

And while I like spending my time alone, I do enjoy inflicting my peculiarities on others. That's one of the reasons I like the internet so much. It allows me to spread the crazy without actually having others invade my space.

That's not to say I never spend time with others. I do. I even enjoy it most of the time when I do. But.....I have to be in the right frame of mind to be in a group. I don't mean drunk or drugged out. I mean, I must be in the right place within my mind. Otherwise the anxiety takes over. And if you've ever had a panic attack, you know why.


But...wait a minute.....this is a pretty serious bit of brain babble that's leaking out right now. And it's all that pictures fault! I blame the picture! Everyone join me and blame the picture! C'mon! Blame the Picture!

I picked that picture because I wanted to convey...something...about how it can feel crowded even if there's no one around. Why? Well, because it's Monday of course.


Made Up Monday, that is. I tell you something and you decide if I'm lying or telling the truth.

And today, my made up, (or is it), fact has to do with people and space. Not outer space, though. Because people can't survive in outer space. (well....they can, but not for long. Longer than you'd expect, though. Maybe I'll do a post about it someday...)


I've told you all about how Russia used to be bigger than a planet. I say 'used to be' because Pluto isn't a planet anymore. Also, that was back when Russia was the Soviet Union. Regardless, Russia is big. 17.1 million square kilometers, to be almost exact. And as of 2013, there was 143.5 million people living there.

So, how big is that exactly? Well, the United States is only 9.86 million square kilometers. Plus, we have more than twice the population of Russia. (316 million as of 2013).


Get ready for the part that might, or might not, be made up....

Let's look at another country though. Bangladesh. It only about 147,570 square kilometers. Less than 10% of the area of Russia. It's about the same size as New York State.


And, as of 2013, it has a population of 156.6 million people.

So folks, here's the conundrum for you today. Does Bangladesh, a country that's 10% the size of Russia really have 10% more people living within her borders?


I'll be back tomorrow with another oddity and, if I remember*, the answer to todays Made Up Monday.


So, I wrote this post on Saturday night. And now it's Sunday Morning. I was going through the internet today, including my gmail inbox, and I found something. It was an email I sent myself last July. (I send myself emails otherwise I forget things....). Periodically I need to go through my mail and clean it up. And that's why I rediscovered an email I wrote to myself six months ago.


This email consisted of a factoid that I had planned on making into a regular oddity post, but when I read it today, I thought it would make a great Made Up Monday topic. So today, you get not one, but TWO Made Up Monday factoids to contemplate! (you pay only the extra shipping and handling...)

My generosity is boundless.....

So here we go with Made Up Monday part deux!

Animals. Most people like them. Well, most people like most animals. Everyone has an animal they don't like. me? I don't likeAlpacas. They spit. (no...I like all animals. Even though Koalas are jerks...) ((no really...they are....look it up...))


One thing most people notice about animals is the size differences. For this example, I shall use a cat, (Ohhhh! Look at the sweet kitteh!), and elephants. (pleasedon'tpoop.....pleasedon'tpoop...) One is small and the other isn't. I think we can all agree on that.

The logical thing that people do is to extrapolate relative size of the entire animal to it's parts. And for the most part, it's true. Like legs. Can you imagine an elephant with legs the size of a cats? Or a cat with an elephants ears? (Ok...I know one of you **coughk2bcough** is imagining a cat with huge floppy elephant ears). Those animals would be, literally, incapacitated.


And it's true for internal organs as well. Like a stomach. They are proportional to the size of the host.

But what about the bladder? Of course, they are also proportional to the size of an animal. And as such, the amount of pee they discharge through their bladders are proportional to their size.


Really bored scientists who were looking for something to study to keep their funding found that, on average, a cat pees out about a tablespoon of urine and an elephant pees out 9 extra-large Big Gulps of urine at one sitting. Are you surprised? I'm not. Elephant big, lots of pee. Kitteh tiny, not so much pee.

Now here is where you try to decide if I'm lying or not:

It takes a cat and an elephant the same amount of time to pee.

Am I lying? Am I not lying? Figure it out and post your decision in the comments. But don't forget that you have two factoids to contemplate today.


* I'll remember...

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