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Don Bluth lied to you: I know the real Secret of NIMH.

No. I don't actually know the secret of NIMH. Unless it's the fact that Dom DeLuise really was a poor choice to play Jeremy.


I'll pause while you all go Google 'Dom DeLuise as Jeremy' to see what the heck I'm talking about.

You back? Good.

If you haven't seen it, make sure you watch 'The Secret of NIMH' as your earliest opportunity.

I have a confession to make. I sat down and wrote a post. Not one of my best, but also not one of my worst. I have no problem with publishing it. There's only one problem with it; I wrote it to publish today. After I got done, I was about to click the schedule button to get it ready for this morning when I realized, it was just a regular post.

That's one of the problems with not doing these posts on the day I'm going to post them. I forget what day it is. I almost.....ALMOST....forgot that todays post was supposed to be a Totally Trippy Theory Thursday!


How sad would that have been? You would have missed out on a whacked out theory! But, thankfully, I caught myself in time. So, let's get on with today's Totally Trippy Theory!

This is a theory that claims that in the year 4,600 BCE, a scientist named Yakub created a new species of creature and set them free on the world. Yakub had set out to create a species of devils, and he succeeded. And those devils are still with us today. We call them 'White People'.


This theory was started by a man named Wallace Fard Muhammed. He also started something else. In 1930 in the small town of Detroit, he started the Nation Of Islam. It's been described as a black supremacist group, and is flagged as a hate group by the Souther Poverty Law Center today. But that's besides the point.

Yakub is familiar to most of us. We know him as Jacob. You know, that guy from the bible? A patriarch of Judaism? The third Hebrew progenitor that God made a covenant with?


Yeah. He decided there wasn't enough evil on the planet, so he created white people and set them loose to oppress everyone else.

I'd like to be able to tell you that this theory died when Wallace Fard Muhammed disappeared in 1934, but his successor, Elijah Muhammed, expanded on the story. And today, the current leader of the Nation Of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, says the NOI is continuing to investigate the truth behind the theory and that all the science they have backs it up as fact.


Soooo.....I'm just gonna grab my coat and slip out the side door now......

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