Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Otters Oddities

SHHH!!!!! If you wake the sleeping otter, Santa will come and take back all your Christmas presents, pee on your cookies and slap you with a wet noodle.

Today, that is, yesterday when you read this, Otter had a very long day. About 13 1/2 hours long doing a network upgrade at the school in one day that was supposed to take two, but the equipment wasn't delivered until very late. As a result, my day started by mounting 24 wireless access points at 5:30 in the morning. Then reconfiguring 12 Cisco switches and 1 SonicWall NSA to work. Basically started over from scratch.


Anyway, I just microwaved a burrito that was half lava/half frozen and all tasteless, and now I'm going to bed.

I have an actual post planned for today. The subject, I mean. But I have to type it out. And it's one of those that I have to double check my facts on a lot so I don't screw it up. With my brain working at 1/379th it's normal power, I'm postponing it until tomorrow.

But don't worry. I haven't forgotten tomorrow is Thursday. You will be getting todays oddity and the totally trippy theory. Double the oddness in one day! Can you handle it?*

So, I'm off to bed to get a good nights sleep. Where my kittehs at? It's powerfully cold out, and I needs me some snuggling! (really. 7pm, -5 with -25 windchill. Going down to -10 tonight....)



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