SHHH!!!!! If you wake the sleeping otter, Santa will come and take back all your Christmas presents, pee on your cookies and slap you with a wet noodle.

Today, that is, yesterday when you read this, Otter had a very long day. About 13 1/2 hours long doing a network upgrade at the school in one day that was supposed to take two, but the equipment wasn't delivered until very late. As a result, my day started by mounting 24 wireless access points at 5:30 in the morning. Then reconfiguring 12 Cisco switches and 1 SonicWall NSA to work. Basically started over from scratch.

Anyway, I just microwaved a burrito that was half lava/half frozen and all tasteless, and now I'm going to bed.

I have an actual post planned for today. The subject, I mean. But I have to type it out. And it's one of those that I have to double check my facts on a lot so I don't screw it up. With my brain working at 1/379th it's normal power, I'm postponing it until tomorrow.


But don't worry. I haven't forgotten tomorrow is Thursday. You will be getting todays oddity and the totally trippy theory. Double the oddness in one day! Can you handle it?*

So, I'm off to bed to get a good nights sleep. Where my kittehs at? It's powerfully cold out, and I needs me some snuggling! (really. 7pm, -5 with -25 windchill. Going down to -10 tonight....)