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Another bucket for monsieur... and perhaps, a hose?*

One of the most disgustingly hilarious scenes in any movie ever. I know people who didn't like 'The Meaning Of Life', and to them, I say nothing. I refuse to talk to people like that.


I understand that not everyone likes Monty Python and their peculiar brand of humor, just like not everyone like ketchup, or Beyonce. But there is nothing in this world that requires me to associate with people who don't like things I like.

Does that make me a snob? Hardly. Imagine having to justify to someone that you don't hang out with me because I'm a snob. Why am I a snob? Because I don't like ketchup? That doesn't make me a snob. It makes me someone with functioning taste buds.

Look, don't get me started on ketchup. It's not a wise thing to do. Unless of course, you want me to go off on a long diatribe about it. I'm perfectly willing to. I just don't think there's a huge audience for that sort of thing. Maybe on Kitchenette......

Dagnabit! Now I've lost my train of thought! Hold on....Let me reboot my sub-directories.....






Ok, I'm back! That was exciting! it wasn't. But at least I remember what I was talking about before someone made me mention ketchup.


Monty Pythons Meaning Of Life. One of the first skits was the Mr. Creosote skit. An insanely fat man goes out to eat where he is presented with tons of food, which he promptly eats, pausing only to hork it up to make room for more. The maitre d is very accommodating of him, always making sure his plate is full and his bucket is empty.

And, at the end of the meal, he is there to present an after diner mint. Which causes the full Mr. Creosote to explode. It's an over the top representation of gluttony. And while it's disgusting to watch, it is funny.


But is it real?

Sadly, yes. It is. Sort of.

While you won't blow up like Mr. Creosote, it is possible to eat and drink so much you'll rupture your stomach. And when that happens, all the bacteria in your stomach and intestines spill out and cause a septic infection that can kill you in just a few hours.


In February of 2014, doctors in Beijing treated a 58 year old woman whose stomach had burst after she over indulged in food and drink during the Spring Festival. Fortunately for her, she was treated in time, so doctors were able to save her life. What they couldn't save was her stomach and colon. She will be feeding through an IV for the rest of her life.

Then there's the case of a 23 year old super model who had the typical binge and purge diet that many young models have. She went on an extended binge and ate an estimated 19 pounds of food. Before she could purge, her stomach ruptured and she died from the septic infection a few hours later.


You would think that this would be rare, right? Well, at the afore mentioned hospital in Beijing, doctors say they see about a dozen cases a year of people eating so much their stomach ruptures. And that's at just one hospital!

I'm too lazy to do the research on how many cases there are a year. but that's because it's confusing. The condition is called Peritonitis, and it can have many causes. Such as a perforated ulcer.


It was once estimated that it only took 4 litres of food or liquid to burst a stomach, but we know that's wrong. In fact, the amount varies from person to person.

Medical experts say you will know if it happens to you, though. You will actually hear a 'pop' from your stomach. Plus, there will be pain. Lot's of it.


And, as a word of warning, doctors say that if you have stomach pains because of over eating, you really shouldn't take any bicarbonate of soda, like AlkaSeltzer. The expanding gasses will pop you like a balloon.

Now, go out and feast on all that wonderful holiday food!

* Doing a joke about a waffer thin mint would have been too obvious, even for me.


** This is a snippet of real code. It's called LOLCODE. Really. Look it up.

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