Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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I love this show! It's my favorite serial!

Yes, it's a crappy picture. But it was the only one I could find in my relentless search that took all of 45 seconds.


It is what I wanted, though. So I'm using it. Squint.

Now, you all need to pay attention today. Todays oddity has to do with a word, and words are hard. And I'm going to do a little playing today. Because I feel like it. And also because I just got done fixing my water heater. It was easy, but it made a mess. But I have hot water again, so....I guess it's worth it.

Anyway, here is an actual conversation about todays post I had with the voice in my head:

Me: I think I'll do a post about a word today.

Voice In My Head: OH! You can do a post on hominy!

Me: Hominy? That's corn.

VIMH: I thought hominy was a word that sounds the same as another word, but is spelled different.

Me: No. That's a homonym.

VIMH: I though a homonym was a bunch of people singing together in different pitches of the same key.

Me: No. That's harmony.

VIMH: I thought harmony was what you called a mans bank account after the divorce.

Me: *Sigh* You're stupid.

VIMH: Oh I am, am I? Well, since I'm just a voice in your head, you're actually the stupid one!

Me: Go make me some dinner.

VIMH: Can't. I'm imaginary, remember?

Well, todays post isn't about homonyms. It's not even about synonyms. Heh....this morning I asked the librarian at school "What's another word for synonym?". She processed the question for a short while, then gave me a look that told me I should leave. I walked through the library about an hour later and she told me that it was going to bug her until she could come up with another word for synonym.*


Anyway, the word want to tell you about is one of those words people hate. It's called a contronym. It's a dual word. It's an antonym and a homograph.

A homograph is a word that is spelled like another word. An antonym is a word with the opposite meaning.


So, getting the idea of what a contronym is? It's a word that can be used as the opposite of it's self. One I can use is a word that some will argue I'm using wrong: inflammable. It means something that will burn, but also something that wont burn. Usually you see something that will burn labeled flammable, though. But, inflammable is still correct.

Another one is rent. If you rent something, did you pay someone to use it, or did someone pay you to use it?


How about resign? Did you quit, or did you extend your contract?

Your boss comments on your oversight. Is he complimenting your supervision or criticizing your lack of attention?


When you replace something, are you getting a new one, or putting the old one back?

When something goes off, did it shut down, or did it begin to react in an excited manor?


Well, I could continue, but I'm going to go fry up some tenderloin sandwiches. Because I'm hungry. And I want to eat. And tenderloins are nummy. I'll fry up 4. Enough for dinner and lunch. (it's ok....they're small...)

* It's poecilonym, in case you were wondering.

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