So don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me, don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me, you know you got my sympathy, but don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me!

Interesting fact, that gun is technically not illegal for a private party to own. I mean, you probably can't buy an M79 grenade launcher like that one. But $1,900 will get you an M203 40mm grenade launching tube you can mount under your AR-15 assault rifle.

And the M203 was the grenade launcher they used when I was in the Marines. So, Maybe you could buy a M79 if you could find one. Be expensive, though. Things like a grenade launcher is classified as a 'Destructive Weapon'.

I know, I know...'No shit Sherlock!', but under firearms classifications, a Destructive Weapon is an:

Explosive and chemical weapons, or anything with a bore larger than .50, excluding those with a sporting use, such as shotguns or hunting rifles.


They fall under Title II of the firearms code. Meaning, you can own one as long as your local rules don't forbid it.

Ammunition is another story. The grenades are classified as explosives, so you need to be licensed to use explosives to buy any ammo except for smoke, bean bags or flares.


But yes, you can own your very own grenade launcher. And yes, that includes the Russian RGP-7 that you see all the time in the movies.

FYI, Title II weapons also include machine guns. A machine gun is considered any weapon that fires more than one round with a single pull of the trigger. For instance, the M-16 A2 I carried had three modes: Safe, Single, and Burst. Safe meant the rifle wouldn't fire. Single fired one bullet for each trigger pull. Burst fired three rounds with every trigger pull. (burst was designed to replace full auto which caused problems in Vietnam. Upon entering combat, all troops would fire their weapons on full auto, causing them to all empty their magazines at once. Also, slower fire rates are more accurate. You have to reacquire the target before each trigger pull)


So, if you want a machine gun, it's difficult, but not impossible for you to go buy one.

Anyway, moving on to today, it's Tell The Truth Tuesday! You finally learn if I lied to you yesterday!


I was....telling you.....the truth.

As silly as it seems, every single tank the English have used since 1945 has been equipped with a method of making tea. Like I said yesterday, the originals were just simple water tanks that used the residual heat from the engine to heat the water.


Today, the electric models can be used for boiling water for tea, heating up boil in the bag rations, and even as deep fryers! You can make fish and chips in a tank!

You should all have gotten this one right. I mean, it's a well known fact that the English love themselves some tea and will go to great lengths to get some. So, how long until American tanks get their own EZ Bake Ovens?


That gun up there is the M79 grenade launcher. It was a very popular weapon in Vietnam. Well...popular for someone else to carry, at least. It was nice to have in your unit, and a really skilled grenadier could drop a grenade through a basketball hoop at 100 yards.

It also had a nickname; The Bloop Gun. And that's the subject of todays post; The Bloop.


What is the Bloop?'s a noise in the ocean that sounds like 'bloop'. It was a low frequency noise picked up my listening stations in the Pacific ocean. Several listening stations, in fact. Some as far apart as 5,000 miles.

So, what was the Bloop? No one knew. There was no known animal that could make that kind of noise. It would have had to been at least three times the size of the Blue Whale, the largest animal known to man.


Many thought there was no way it could be an animal. But no one could come up with a better idea for what it was.

The internet ran wild with the Bloop. People were saying it had to come from R'yleh. Others said it was Cthulhu himself!


Whatever it was, it was a mystery. One that most of you have probably heard about.

But it really isn't a mystery.

You see, we know what the Bloop was. It was an icequake. OOOOoooOOOOooooOOOO! Scaaaary! Evil icequake is coming to get you!


No, actually, it's not. Not coming to get you, I mean.

So, what is an icequake? Well, as you can probably guess, it's just like an earthquake, except involving ice and not ground.


The NOAA has declared the mystery as solved. And everyone accepts the explanation. Everyone except this one guy, anyway. That one guy is a researcher with NOAA named Dr. Christopher Fox. He still thinks it was a large animal that caused it. His evidence? Well, we don;t really know everything that lives under water, do we? So it must be an undiscovered animal. After all, the coelacanth was though to have died out 65 million years ago, until one was found in the 1930's. And if we can miss a fish for 65 million years, we had to have missed something about 3,000 times bigger, right?

I should also add that Dr. Christopher Fox is the one who suggested it was a large animal in the first place.


Anyway, Bloop solved! I'm sure you'll all sleep easier tonight knowing just what it was that caused the Bloop.


if you fart in the bathtub, it also goes maybe it was a simultaneous gas passing by like, every whale in the ocean at once....