Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

"Who is it?" "It's Dave, Man! Will you open up? I got the stuff with me!" "Who?" "Dave man, open up!" "Dave?" "Yeah Dave, come on man, open up, I think the cops saw me!" "Dave's not here!"

Remember the first time you heard that? were probably high, so don't remember.

I've done a lot of things in my life. I lived in 3 states, 6 towns and 2 countries by the time I graduated high school. I've visited almost every state, and most of Europe. When in the military, I travelled to many exotic locations. I've eaten food that wouldn't be considered food by most Americans. And while I was in high school, I took the name to heart.


I was high in school. A lot. Many people try drugs in high school. I was the odd one out of my friends, though. They all started smoking pot a good 6 months before I tried it. But once I tried it.....hoo-boy! Me likey the mary-jane! I smoked the hell out of the pot in high school. I was the only one of my friends that had a job pretty much the whole time I was in school, including during the summer. So I could afford the weeds. Hell, an ounce was only $75! I'd sell 3 of my friends a 1/4 ounce for $25 each, and got my smoke for free!

And I'd pick up an ounce every week. I always had money, which meant I always had weed. And I shared it.

Then, sometime in my junior year, someone gave me 1/2 a tab of acid. Holy guacamole! This led to a whole new life. A life where when I was tripping on a hit of acid, I was normal.

My senior year, my best friend, who also liked the acid, were lucky enough to be among the few who were selected to take 'Intro To Theater' as our english credit. Out of the 2,100 kids in our school, only 150 were selected for the class. It was our first class of the day after homeroom, and started at 7:40.


A lot of the class time was spent teaching us how to act. That meant, a lot of improv. After the first week, we had the wonderful idea that, if we each took acid at 6:30, by the time class started, we'd be feeling really good. So we tried it.

It worked. Matt and I became the kings of the improv. As a result, our teacher challenged us when it came to handing out roles to play. By the end of the first semester, we were dropping acid about 3 times a week at school.


When it came time to sign up for 2nd semester classes, we both decided to try to get into the follow up class, 'Acting'. To get into this class, you had to have already taken 'Intro To Theater', and get the approval of the teacher. Only 30 students got to take the class every semester.

Matt and I took the form to the teacher as soon as we got them. We handed them to him and he looked at us and signed them with no comment.


As it turned out, Acting was our first class of the day again. This class focused less on improv and more on serious acting. We had to do 3 one act plays that semester, so we had to be serious. We still tripped balls, but we got serious.

We decided the acid helped us act because it made us forget about any inhibitions we had, and really get into the role we were assigned.


In January of my senior year, 2 days after my 18th birthday, I shocked all my friends and my parents by going to a recruiters office after school and enlisting in the Marines.

I never talked about it with my friends of family, but I had known since I was in elementary school that I was going to enlist.


Well, guess what? They don't let you smoke the weeds or take the acids in the Marines. I stopped the acid the weekend after graduation. I had one last trip, and haven't looked back since. The weeds? Well.....all my friends were still smoking, so I pretty much smoked up until 3 days before I left for Boot Camp.

When you get there, one of the things they do is keep you awake for about 36 hours. They rush you through all sorts of lines to get your gear, to be looked at by doctors, get your shots, get hair cuts, do push ups, do more push ups, what the more push ups....After they have you exhausted, they take you into a room and you have your 'Moment of Truth'.


This is a confession. They tell you that now is the time to let them know about anything you shouldn't have done, like smoking the weeds, or any lies you told when enlisting, like if you had a criminal record. If you came clean now, no big deal. You'd either be allowed to continue into the military, or you'd be discharged. But if you didn't fess up, and they found out about it later, it was a courts marshall for you!

So, I fessed up about the weeds I had been smoking. I knew acid was undetectable in the system unless you were actively under it's influence, so I neglected to inform them of that. The big scary marine looked at me and said, "So what you're saying is, your piss test is going to pop for pot?" I said, "SIR YES SIR!" He said, "Is that all we'll find?" "SIR YES SIR!" And that was the last I ever heard about it.


After training, (boot camp and ait), I went to my first unit. Man....there were days when I really could have used a big ol' fatty to puff on. And it was around. But I didn't. Because we could be tested at any time, and if we popped, it was bad news. (or so we thought). Plus, there was a sense that what I was doing was not really conducive to smoking the weeds. I was combat infantry. I felt that, if I was called upon to go to war, I didn't want to be high.

So....who the hell cares about my past drug use? No one. I just needed to type something to fill up room, and drugs just so happen to be my subject today. And all I have are short bits, so I needed filler. Was it boring? Not for me it wasn't. I was the one who got to be wasted all the time!


But drugs, right? Many people have at least tried them. And there's nothing wrong with that. it's when drugs control your life that there's a problem.

You could say we, as humans, are just druggies by nature. Drugs have been around at least as long as civilization has, and most likely much, much longer.


There is evidence that Sumerians cultivated poppies for the sloe purpose of making opium as far back as 5,000 BCE. They even had a name for it; Hul. And that word translates to 'joy'. They had a pictograph for it, even. That means it was important to them.

And if they had it in Sumeria, they almost certainly had it earlier.

And what about pot? We know it's been used by shamans for thousands of years. the Mughal empires in Afghanistan even made it into candy! The plants were refined into hash before Christ was around.


So, humans have a long history of doing drugs. It's not just me.

So....not odd enough? No one is surprised people have been doing drugs for as long as there's been people.


How about this.....

Animals do drugs too!

There is literally too many examples of drug addled animals to tell you about them all. So I'm going to tell you about one of the best drugged animals.


You thought I was going to talk about otters, right?

Nope. Jaguars. Jaguars are big cats. And like little cats, they like to get wasted. Never seen a cat wasted? Then you've never seen a cat who really likes catnip.


In the jungles where Jaguars live, there is a vine that grows. It is the Cappi vine. It just so happens to be one of the most common plants in the jungle. And it is to Jaguars what catnip is to your average house cat.

Imagine a large Jaguar, a cat that could kill you with one bite and eat you for dinner, behaving like a kitten on catnip. Well, they do.


But that's not all it does.

While the jaguars will eat the leaves and enjoy the effects, they also will sometimes eat the roots of the vine. In fact, when they eat the roots, they almost always go hunting immediately after.


The natives who live in the jungle noticed that. So they tried the roots. And guess what? The roots act like a mild hallucinogenic. They also found that, it raised their senses quite a bit. They found that, while they would hallucinate if they just sat around, if they went hunting, their senses were increased. It was like they could focus their hearing and sight more. They could concentrate more.

This has led scientists to conclude that he roots do the same for jaguars. Which means, jaguars take drugs to increase their performance. We need to crack down on these cats for taking PED's.


Anyway, there you have it. A long, rambling look into otters past followed by two quick facts about drugs you might not have known.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go post some gifs......

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